ATEN unveils stylish and ultra slim docking station UH3234

ATEN announced the addition of UH3234 to its docking series in India. The series has 7 unique products, divided into 3 categories for on-the-go travelers, for workstation setup and for speeding up graphic-intensive workflows.

All the products under ATEN’s docking series come with USB-C cable and are designed to expand connectivity and create simplified, productive workspaces for any desktop environment.

UH3234, multi-functional USB-C multiport dock with power pass-through, is a one-step total upgrade for your laptop. It provides all the extra expansion, multi-display, and single cable to add up to multiple devices to boost productivity at home or in the office.

“New generation laptops have become compact, leading to a rise in need of portable docking stations. Considering the evolving demands, the multiport dock is a choice to be made. It can make a laptop a powerhouse of productivity and creativity”, said, Vittal Salunke, Product Sales Manager – Sales Division I at ATEN. “Our docking series has been well received by other markets.

In India, we are expecting the same response and aim to reach out to SOHO and SMBs”.

TEN’s new ultra-sleek UH3234 simply allows one cable to add as far as 10 devices, with power delivery pass-through up to 60W to boost your productivity.

UH3234 can charge your laptop, while connected to the docking station and allows customers to enjoy high-quality 4K video or a dual HD monitor setup with HDMI, VGA, and Display Port functionality. This ergonomically sleek design ensures a minimalistic workstation compatible with all major operating systems.

Other UH3234 features include

Lightweight with elegant aluminum enclosure

Ergonomic design for typing comfortably and saving space

Superior Anti- Interference (EMI) capability

One cable which expands up to 10 ports for power, video, audio and data

Enjoy a stunning 4K visual experience or boost productivity via dual HD monitor setup

ATEN’s docking series addresses the need for increasing user laptop potential by providing the extra expansion capabilities that peripherals need like video, audio, data and charging all at once.

Ultra-slim, space-saving, easy to use, undock on-the-go solution is perfect for travelers/ remote workers notably for speeding up graphic-intensive workflows.

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