Atos announces certification of its Cloud Foundry platform

Atos has announced certification of its Cloud Foundry multi-cloud platform by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. The company actively participates in the industry’s only certification program designed to establish reliable portability across platforms in a multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment. Atos joins a prestigious list of providers certified by the Cloud Foundry Foundation to deliver the leading multi-cloud platform.

Cloud Foundry Certification ensures application and skill portability across any cloud service, or on-premises software product that offers Cloud Foundry. The Cloud Foundry Certified mark is only awarded to products and services that meet the strict technical requirements outlined by the Foundation’s technical governing body. Products called “Cloud Foundry” can only use that designation after meeting Cloud Foundry Certification standards. Products must re-certify every year.

Working closely with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Atos is now part of a growing number of Cloud Foundry Certified providers alongside major industry peers.

Atos Cloud Foundry: Open source, agile and certified

With Cloud Foundry as the ‘Open Source” solution to standardise cloud-native application delivery for its global clients, Atos offers an agile, fully managed and certified Cloud Foundry Platform delivered by Canopy, the Atos Cloud. Atos Cloud Foundry represents the next stage in accelerating the development of cloud-native applications on the digital transformation journey for clients. It offers developers the opportunity to focus on innovation, without having to deal with the complexity of building and managing their own production-grade Cloud Foundry platform.

Atos Cloud Foundry provides a “Cloud Application Multi-Cloud Platform”, empowering developers to become immediately productive, with the ability to build, deploy and scale cloud applications in a continuous innovation model, across a choice of multiple cloud landscapes. Atos offers Cloud Foundry users the knowledge and confidence of true enterprise-class support, in a managed service, specific to each client and available either on or off premise.

“Our customers require a trusted Cloud Application Platform on which they can rely, confident in the knowledge that it is based on certified industry standards and supported across a choice of both public and private clouds,” Markus Schaffhauser, Global Head, Centers of Excellence and Innovation at Atos.

“Atos offering certified Cloud Foundry is a significant step forward in the evolution of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem,” said Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “More enterprises than ever before are defining a cloud strategy that encompasses multiple clouds. Cloud Foundry Certified platforms like the one from Atos allow organizations to leverage the cloud that suits specific app workloads, and move those workloads as they see fit.”

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