Autodesk focuses to provide maximum value and choice at online purchase of AutoCAD

In was recently found-out that Autodesk India has decided to sell its AutoCAD 2019 software at lower rates online than what it was selling to its resellers.

Autodesk, an American multinational software corporation that creates software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment business.

Autodesk Said…..

When asked Autodesk regarding the disparity in price of AutoCAD , this is what the Autodesk Spokesperson commented, ‘“Autodesk provides maximum value and choice to customers by offering products for purchase at online e-store and via our local channel partners. We sometimes offer promotions on our e-store that aren’t available through local channel partners, and vice versa. For instance, customers can buy value-added services from our channel partners that they cannot purchase on the e-store”.

Whereas, Alok Gupta, CEO, Softmart Solutions said, “Autodesk has decided to maim and kill the Indian Channel”.

Further to this, Autodesk spokesperson said that they believe in valuing the significant work their channel partners do to support Autodesk customers in India and they will continue to invest in their success.”

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