Automation Anywhere Launches Generative AI Automation Platform

Automation Anywhere has unveiled a significant expansion of its Automation Success Platform, empowering enterprises to implement AI.

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Automation Anywhere Launches Generative AI Automation Platform

Automation Anywhere has unveiled a significant expansion of its Automation Success Platform, empowering enterprises to expedite their transformation efforts and securely implement AI across their organizations. This expansion introduces new AI-driven automation tools and enhancements that span all teams, systems, and processes. During Imagine 2023, the company introduced a Responsible AI Layer and revealed four pivotal product updates, including the innovative Autopilot, facilitating swift end-to-end automation development via generative AI. Additionally, Automation Anywhere announced expanded features for Automation Co-Pilot tailored to Business Users, Automators, and Document Automation.


“The combination of generative AI and intelligent automation represents the most transformational technology shift of our generation,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder, of Automation Anywhere. “Every company, every team, every individual will be able to re-imagine their system of work and automate the processes that hold them back. Great people, empowered with AI and intelligent automation will be absolutely transformative to their organizations as they increase their productivity, and creativity and accelerate the business.”

A New Responsible AI Layer

At the core of these advancements lies a Responsible AI Layer. This layer encompasses fresh, tailored generative AI automation models constructed atop state-of-the-art Large Language Models, nurtured with anonymized metadata sourced from countless automation instances. Furthermore, this layer incorporates supplementary AI utilities and essential security and governance features that are fundamental to the evolution of automation development in the next generation.


“The combined power of automation and generative AI promises to help unlock productivity across our organization, and Automation Anywhere is enabling us to dramatically speed up our transformation journey,” said Matt Ham, Vice President of Digital Automation at Osaic, one of the nation’s largest wealth management firms. “The Automation Success Platform is empowering us to provide new intelligent automation services to our 11,000 financial advisors and 2,500 employees. We believe in continuous innovation, and we’re excited to unlock new opportunities to enhance our customer and employee experiences through the new Automation plus Generative AI solution packages, including Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users, intelligent Document Automation for complex forms, and the next-gen customer service solutions, where automation, AI, and people work and collaborate seamlessly.”

Accelerate Business User Productivity

Building upon the first wave of generative AI innovations announced in June 2023, Automation Anywhere’s Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users and Document Automation solutions, now available with generative AI, have expanded to include new use cases and LLM integration capabilities.

  • Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users seamlessly embeds automation directly into a business or web application. Now with generative AI, Automation Co-Pilot can handle use cases that were not previously possible, including email triage and routing for customer service teams, anti-money laundering alerts and reporting in the banking sector, and generating after-visit summaries for patients in healthcare. The Automation Co-pilot also serves as a crucial built-in guardrail for responsible AI use, controlling how business teams interact with generative AI.
  • Document Automation, an intelligent document processing solution, is now designed to leverage generative AI for faster understanding, extraction, and summarization of data. It supports semi-structured and unstructured document types and supply chain use cases, such as waybills, packing slips, POs, and contracts, thus eliminating manual data handling time by up to 80% and increasing team productivity.

“We have partnered with Automation Anywhere to bring generative AI and automation to our enterprise, helping boost productivity throughout our organization, said Srikanth Haridoss, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Platform and Hyperautomation Services at Paramount. “Our partnership continues to help us uncover new opportunities to automate our systems and processes as we scale across our business.”

Accelerate Automation and Speed Development


Automation Co-Pilot for Automators and Autopilot products are powered by generative AI and dramatically reduce the automation to ROI cycle time from months to minutes. Automation Co-Pilot for Automators is available today in beta and will be generally available in early 2024. Autopilot will be available in early 2024.

  • Autopilot 

Automatically sources new automation opportunities and transforms them into end-to-end automation using the power of generative AI. Autopilot stitches together Process Discovery, CoE Manager, and Automation Co-Pilot for Automators, allowing for faster automation development. This new capability enables organizations and teams to go from process discovery to automation creation in minutes by streamlining a months-long communication and collaboration process between business and automation teams in a seamless, unified experience. This allows enterprises to remain agile in today’s dynamic business environment by helping to quickly understand the changing processes across a company and develop new automation as new needs arise.

  • Automation Co-Pilot for Automators 

Empowers both citizen and professional developers to turn natural language prompts into end-to-end automation, lowering the barrier to automation across every team. Previously announced this spring, Automation Anywhere is now introducing features including a recorder with generative AI, which enables automation to power through application changes, prompt-to-automation, which turns natural language commands into personalized automation, and suggests next actions, which provides real-time suggestions on the next possible action in automation workflows.

“GenAI will fuse with automation in at least three major ways to make the benefits of automation more accessible to workers,” said Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President of AI and Automation Research, at IDC. “GenAI will expand what can be automated and provide recommendations and answer questions interactively that will help teams do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. And GenAI will also increasingly enable the automation long tail with worker-driven interactive automation for personal and team automation.”


Responsibly Scale with AI Tools, Governance, and Best Practices

New at Imagine 2023, Automation Anywhere also introduced a set of AI tools, governance, and best practices as part of our Responsible AI layer. This robust set of capabilities aims to help organizations without large teams of data scientists or AI developers build and scale AI-powered automation with the required guardrails in place. These new tools and capabilities will be available in early 2024.

AI Tools, Governance, and best-practices:

  • Model Selection: Users can manage generative AI models across a wide range of providers that Automation Anywhere’s open platform can securely integrate. Secure customer instances ensure all processing is done within a customer-governed tenant and data is encrypted.
  • Testing & Optimization: Tools for users to test models and prompts will help them get the best results for their specific use cases. This also includes the ability to improve performance with in-product guidance on how to fine-tune.
  • Prompt Templates: Users start with a curated library of prompt templates for each model or develop their own. These reusable and managed templates for enterprises make it easier to get the results users need.
  • Data Privacy Controls: Customizable controls provide extra layers of protection for an enterprise, including a set of data masking capabilities to ensure sensitive data remains under your control and in your environment. Confidently govern model usage and masking of sensitive customer data within prompts to ensure data privacy.
  • Monitoring & Audit: A new set of generative AI analytics and audit tools integrated into the command center, users can monitor model performance and check for violations of data privacy.

In addition to the wave of new automation tools, Automation Anywhere is scaling up its partner ecosystem to introduce enhanced integrations with Google Cloud and AWS, among others. The company is further distinguishing itself within the market by expanding user support with the Pathfinder Community to include a new generative AI community group, a generative AI skills booster series, and expert-led guidance on hyperscaling with AI.