Avaya GlobalConnect partners GajShield

DQC Bureau
New Update

Avaya GlobalConnect and GajShield Infotech have announced a strategic

relation­ship in India. The two players have jointly launched the complete

portfolio of GajShield models. The products will be positioned to all customer

categories from SME to large enterprises, government, public sector undertakings

and Indian corporate looking for Internet and network security solutions.


“It is a privilege to have GajShield, a leader in network solutions, as a

strategic partner,” said Soum Mukherjee, Director and Head-SME, Avaya

Global­Connect. “This relationship validates AGCL's strong desire to play a

vital role in the UTM space.”

“We have identified Avaya GlobalConnect as a key strategic partner for

GajShield for jointly playing in the UTM space,” said Sonit Jain, Director,

GajShield Infotech. “We believe that this relationship will extend our

competency in network and Internet security segment in the Indian market.”