AVEVA Launches New Programme for Industrial Channel Partners

AVEVA has launched AVEVA Select, a new programme designed for partners to gain full access to its comprehensive software portfolio. The new programme is designed to help customers accelerate their digital transformation agendas by leveraging the breadth of the software portfolio of the company across its install base.

The AVEVA Partner Network today boasts over 5,000 members providing opportunities for Alliances, Systems Integrators, Distributors, Solution Providers, and Technology Partners to participate in the community. With programmes designed to suit every product and solution specialisation and industry, this programme aligns with both market and technology trends helping companies simplify design, optimize production, reduce energy and maximise performance. Its programs and support initiatives are designed to promote the variety and value of applications developed and delivered on the AVEVA platform worldwide.

With this programme, partners will be able to access the entire portfolio through the channel that they have known and trusted, often for as long as 30 years. The programme will expand the company’s reach to a wider distribution of industries, outside its previous core customer base of mid/downstream Oil &Gas, heavy chemical, power generation, and distribution, to incorporate many other sectors including Food and Beverage (F&B), Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Smart Cities and Infrastructure, Mining, Paper and Pulp, Utilities, Water and Waste and Discrete industries (e.g. automotive, electronics).

The expanded customer base will be able to leverage their installed Monitor & Control (M&C) and Planning and Operations (P&O) solutions to address new challenges, create opportunities and improve the performance of their industrial operations.

Members of the current AVEVA Partner Network community also see the launch of this programme as very timely for the community. “Our Partner Network continues to grow as a hub for the latest thinking on performance management of manufacturing operations and today it is utilized for the sharing of best practices with the partner community as well as harnessing their collective insights to help solve some of the world’s most complex industrial manufacturing issues. The launch of the new Programme comes at a time when industrial customer demand for digital transformation is growing exponentially and it will create new opportunities for the customer base,” commented Bob D’Agostino, President of AVEVA Select North.

“With this new Programme we can confidently grow the partner network from strength to strength by offering real value for our strategic technology partners, distributors, systems integrators, and many more enabling our network members to work better together to help their customers create increased business value. I am excited to be part of this journey which will undoubtedly extend the capabilities of the AVEVA offering to a new and previously untapped partner audience,” said Jason Bass, President of AVEVA Select Central.

“Our Partner and Channel Network are already one of the most active and supportive global networks in the industrial and manufacturing sector. The passion of our people is to bring communities together in order to overcome everyday business challenges as well as develop innovative new ideas. This is particularly relevant in times like these where many organizations are feeling the effects of the economic downturn in the COVID-19 world,” concluded Kerry Grimes, Head of Partners, AVEVA.

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