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Axis communications launches innovative back-to-work surveillance solutions

Axis Communications launched a slew of innovative and intelligent solutions for the Indian market. As enterprises are gradually resuming offices and employees are getting back to work, they are leveraging unique solutions to ensure that social distancing norms are maintained in the office premises and manufacturing sites.

This has created a huge demand for surveillance tools in the PPOG (petroleum, oil & gas) sector, manufacturing unit, educational institutes, airports and railways, retail, care homes, healthcare, hotels, and city surveillance sectors.

The network camera market in India is already expected to grow from 225 million to 605 million USD by 2023 at a CAGR of 26.6% according to IHS 2019 India Report.

The report furthermore states that the total video surveillance market is expected to grow from 588 million to 1159 million USD in 2019-2023 at a CAGR of 18.3%.

AXIS S3008 Recorder is an easy-to-install ultra-high definition recording solution compatible with AXIS Companion video management software.

It features an integrated PoE switch that can accommodate up to 8 cameras and a high-performance recorder. It includes a surveillance-grade hard drive and gigabit uplink for video recordings in ultra-high definition.

It provides reliable recording due to the surveillance-grade hard drive. This high-performance recorder offers gigabit uplink for video recordings in ultra-high definition.

And, since data protection is premium, all the recordings are encrypted with a USB port for the export of video. Additionally, for enhanced cybersecurity, footages can be accessed from anywhere with the Axis Secure Remote Access technology.

Axis Communications announces a new 5-year product warranty at no extra cost to the customers.

This increase from the previous 3-year warranty in the lure of the company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and cost-efficient, trouble-free ownership.

This is valid for purchases shipped from Axis to the original purchaser from October 01, 2020.

People Counting: Our People Counting solutions have been specifically curated for measuring and taking faster action to avoid congestion or a queue and maintain social distancing norms which is crucial for the healthcare, education, and retail sectors.

It gives analytics and valuable insights such as – number of employees in an area like a playground, cafeterias, lift lobbies, shops, or sites at the same time, how they move, where they congregate, and periods of peak occupancy.

These insights further enable the management to plan and take immediate action to make back-to-work normal while improving service, operational efficiency, and profitability.

AXIS Occupancy Estimator: AXIS Occupancy Estimator offers a cost-efficient way to accurately estimate occupancy levels in office and manufacturing sites as well as schools, malls, and hospitals to comprehend visitor patterns regarding space and how best it can be utilized.

It provides real-time data on the number of people present on the premises or in a certain area. This valuable data helps in increasing operational efficiency to avoid crowding, optimize workforce planning and opening hours, and take necessary measures to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Alongside this, Axis has Audio solutions and Public Announcement solutions. In the current context of the pandemic, these systems help better manage and monitor employees, customers, and students and to take timely action in case there is a protocol breach.

The company has also collaborated with different Application Development Partners (ADP) to provide solutions such as Thermal Cameras, Social Distancing solutions, Body Temperature Monitoring solutions, Mask Detection solutions, and Touch Free Attendance systems with facial recognition capabilities to offer top-notch solutions to create a secure working environment for all employees, customers, and students.

Axis has also launched its recent AXIS V5925 PTZ Network Camera in the India market which is best compatible with crowd management in any given situation.

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