Bachna Ae Haseeno, Recharge Bhaiya aa gaya

Uttar Pradesh is witnessing a new cyber crime trend. The Recharge Bhaiya is harassing girls through obscene calls, vulgar pictures and WhatsApp messages, According to Hindustan Times reports.

Actually, boys in Uttar Pradesh have got a new way to harass girls. They are buying mobile numbers of girls from local recharge shops and PCO shops and it is based on looks. For an average looking girl the rate is 50 to 100. For a beautiful girl the rate goes up to 500 and more. And if someone gives handful money to Recharge Bhaiya the mobile number is easily available to that person.gfx-1

New racket came to light when government women helpline 1090 got flooded with complaint calls of endless phone messages, indecent proposal. According to police reports, the mobile number of women who comes to recharge mobile phone shops is kept separate and is auctioned afterwards.

Majority of men looking for fun and friendship, goes to recharge bhaiya. The recharge  Bhaiya often helps to buy SIMs with fake IDs that he keeps in stacks at his store.gfx-2

A Sitapur resident said, “I have been getting late night obscene calls”. Navneit Sekera, IG Police said, “We have got many complaints, after reports the issue was resolved. We haven’t arrested anyone, accused are being warned to leave. But 3 unscrupulous traders have already been arrested”.gfx3

Mohammed of Shahjahanpura confessed of buying numbers for fun. He goes to his friends shop to do friendships. “Sometimes we send vulgar pictures over WhatsApp” he said.

Manu Bhaiya of Allahabad accepted that many shop owners are doing illegal business in his area. “We do not do that.” He said.

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