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As the Director of Indian Operations, he will overlook the

shifting of McAfee's office to a bigger place by the year-end and co-ordinate

Indian operations with those of other countries. And he looks forward to explore

the country's hilly regions, in his attempt to scale new heights, literally.


What do you get when you mix a tremendous zest for life and love for your

job? It's someone who lives life to the fullest and Murali Narayanamurthy is

one such person; who enjoys every minute of his life.

Currently, he has several things up his sleeve. Being appointed as Director,

Operations of McAfee only three months back, there are several things he wishes

to do.

The company plans to increase the work force from the current 390 to 600. One

of the biggest tasks he has on hand is to move to a bigger facility by year-end

and will house all employees. Currently they are scouting for places, and are

yet to finalize one, but plan to shift to a new place by early next year.


Murali Narayanamurthy 

India Operations, McAfee
“I love camping or mountaineering, as during schooldays, we used to travel at least four to five times a year. Even now, if I don't visit one or two mountain tops annually, I get restless”

Apart from these tasks, Murali looks after the finance, legal, IT and PR

departments. He helps in coordinating the Indian operations with those of other

countries and sees to it that the various sites work in tandem with each other.

Adopting varying cultures

In his previous job at First Consulting Group (FCG), Murali was Director,

Application Group and he built the engineering team there. He was based out of

USA and when he got an opportunity to return to India from FCG, he grabbed it

with both hands.


Despite having worked and lived varied lifestyles in nine countries, it is

India that kept drew him back to where he belonged. "I wanted to come back

to India as my children are growing up and my wife, Lakshmi and I wanted to give

them strong roots," explained Murali.

Apart from USA, Murali has lived with different cultures in UK, Germany,

Malaysia, Bangkok and other ones as well. But he is home with all of them.

His upbringing has helped foster this adaptability. Since his father was a

Government of India official, he traveled all over the country. "I did my

schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya or Central school as it was previously called.

A lot of things I do today as an adult can be related to the habits formed when

I was in school," he reminisces.


He graduated in Electronics and pursued his post graduation in Applied

Computer Science from Secunderabad. Murali landed himself a job at ORG in New

Delhi, the moment he was out of college. As luck would have it, he had an

opportunity to move the US of A in the late eighties. There has been no looking

back after that.

Murali was in Boy Scouts for almost seven years, which he thoroughly loved,

and made him an outdoor person. "At any given time, I would love going

camping or mountaineering, as back in school, we used to travel at least four to

five times a year. Even now, if I don't visit one or two mountain tops, I get

restless," remarks Murali.

There are several sports that Murali likes and even manages to play quite a

few of them as well. He would frequently play table tennis in office with his

colleagues and likes kicking the football too. "Few are aware of the fact

that when I was in UK, I used to be a part of the D-level County cricket

team," says he proudly.


Murali is a self-confessed foodie and relishes good food, and simply loves

the tasty food that his wife cooks. What is different though is that he equally

enjoys someone else cook too. "I was brought up as a vegetarian, but when

you travel extensively, you eat anything that is served. Thus, I enjoy all types

of cuisines today," admits Murali.




Bachelors in Electronics, Post graduation in Applied Computer Science from Secunderabad


Zest for life and willingness to adapt to any situation


Mountaineering, collecting hats and eating good food

He also appreciates the taste of good wine, and till not long ago used to

have a collection of different wines. He yet collects hats and says that they

are different everywhere, and offer a lot of variety. Ironically, he says that

he loses them too often as well.


Being a kid with his children

Murali and his wife have two sons, Amit and Ashwin. He relives his childhood
through them. One of his sons learns the keyboard and Murali, along with him,

takes lessons for playing the instrument and confesses that he feels very

pleased learning it.

He has a varied taste in music. "As a child, you like Hindi film music,

when you are growing and are an adolescent, it is different, and when you are an

adult, your liking again changes," he explains. His other son pursues

painting as a hobby.

Murali has always been guided by ambition and has a simple living. "My

wife is my biggest strength, and gave up her career so that I could concentrate

on mine. He considers his parents as his friends and a major source of

strength," smiles he. Murali says that so far it has been a rewarding

career and is really happy with the way life has been shaping up so far. He is

thrilled about life right now, lives every minute to the fullest and has

thoroughly enjoyed his two years in Bangalore too.