BD Soft Forges Strategic Partnership with Zaperon

BD Soft Forges Strategic Partnership with Zaperon a cybersecurity start up to distribute its security solutions

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BD Soft, a value-added IT security distributor, has solidified a transformative partnership with Zaperon,a Zero Trust Security solution, that revolutionises cybersecurity by safeguarding against cyberattacks. The cybersecurity startup is backed by the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and the IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. This collaboration is poised to utilise BD Soft's extensive channel network and strong connections, especially within the small and medium-sized business sector, to make Zaperon's cutting-edge cybersecurity technology more accessible to a broader audience.


The global cyberattack landscape has seen a concerning rise, resulting in massive $6 trillion losses in 2021, projected to exceed $10 trillion by 2025. A staggering 80% of these attacks result from compromised employee credentials and access mismanagement, precisely the issues Zaperon's cybersecurity solutions address adeptly. It achieves this through secure, passwordless access to enterprise applications. Zaperon's groundbreaking technology ensures secure access to enterprise applications from any user, device, or location, without cumbersome passwords.

Zaperon enables Zero Trust Security for organisations with a range of advanced features, including passwordless single sign-on for streamlined and fortified logins, robust identity and access control for enhanced security, and continuous risk analysis of user behavior and device posture to proactively identify threats.

"This collaboration seamlessly aligns with our vision of simplifying cybersecurity for businesses, enabling them to concentrate on growth while fortifying their defenses against evolving threats. Additionally, this partnership contributes to the broader goal of accelerating India's economic growth towards achieving a $5 trillion economy," said Vineet Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Zaperon.


Commenting on this significant partnership, Zakir Hussain, CEO of BD Soft, stated, "This collaboration represents a substantial stride in reinforcing India's cybersecurity framework, guaranteeing heightened protection against constantly evolving threats. BD Software Distribution and Zaperon share a common mission: to provide state-of-the-art security solutions that empower both businesses and individuals to navigate the digital realm with unwavering confidence."

BD Software Distribution has a longstanding reputation as an exclusive country partner to Bitdefender, boasting a robust network of strategic partners specializing in various security solutions. Their comprehensive product lineup includes Endpoint Security, DLP, Risk Management, Activity Monitoring and Mobile Device Management, Web Application Firewall & Web Filtering, Security Operations Centre and MDR, Human Resource Management Solutions, OCR, and New Age Document Solutions.

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