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Becoming a Cloud Partner: Journey of E Soft Online

In this unique segment of DQ Channels, we have covered the entire Cloud journey of E Soft Online from a traditional systems integrator to a Cloud Partner. Rajnikant Das, Founder, E Soft Online shared his entire journey about how his organisation has moved to the cloud business, challenges, growth, and future vision.

When and how did you move to Cloud Business?

We have moved to cloud business on 2013/14. Those days cloud is a hot topic within OEM and has a huge pressure to pitch cloud services to customers. Although OEM offerings were very lucrative in terms of Rebates, Technical support funds etc. On-premise Infra was sinking and customers were also exploring the right partner with the right skill sets.

What are the different Cloud services do you offer?

We are offering IaaS (Infra as A Service), SaaS-software as a service, and PaaS-Platform as a Service.

What sort of changes have you done to move to the cloud within the organization in terms of Team, skill set, infrastructure, and others?

Cloud adoption required mindset, although we were doing Infra part for the last 15 years and not much technical up-gradation required. The only thing we educate our team members that cloud adoption is a need of the hour and recurring business require for long term engagement with a customer where we can sell our services or our expertise to them by which our future sales would be more easy and convincing. Skillset up-gradation is very much required for sales and technical team both; we have gone through online training, case studies and internal adoption of our team in their own usage.

How does Crayon Software help you to grow your business and customers?

Crayon we finalized our strategic distribution partner for several reasons:-They have a big team which they are masters. Their presence in all parts of the world can enrich our information level. Crayon team is a very old business associate with us and they know our work culture, strength and customer penetration. They strengthen our skill set in terms of marketing, Technical up-gradation and right solution pitching. This gives us more confidence to face the customer.

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How your old and new customers adopting the new technology and moving to the cloud?

Our approach is very organic and gradual. We started with cloud Mails, backup, storage and unified communications. Gradually these customers willingly moved to the next stage of SaaS within 3-4 years of utilization. Now our entire customer started looking to adopt post-pandemic some of the workloads.

How many customers you have, who are taking Cloud solutions and what are their different verticals?

We have all kind of domain-specific customers with us. The major are IT/ITES, BFSI, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, startups and SME.

What are the different challenges did you face in this journey?

We faced adoptability related concern in the initial years from our internal team sales skills and customer long time taking to come to conclusion because of the long execution period targets are been effected but when things come in a normal pace this became a source of our main revenue. We are generating around 90% of our revenue through cloud and datacenter hosting business.

What is your overall growth being a Cloud Partner?

Our journey so far is very satisfying and our operation, payment collection and revenue are very much predictive. Our bottom line is exalted we are adding several workloads in the last few years and working hard to upgrading our customers and our team members.

What are your future goals?

Our future goals are to know as Cloud experts/ Cloud Partner and all sections of customers. We are providing end to end cloud solutions in infrastructure.

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