Belgaum reseller disappears after defrauding Rs 25 lakh

DQC Bureau
New Update

Amol Virupakshi Khichadi of Micronics Information Systems has disappeared after defrauding sub-distributors in Belgaum and Goa to the tune of Rs 25

lakh. This has come as a shock to all, as Amol had been a part of the trading community for nearly six years now. He has reportedly duped nearly

eight leading Belgaum based sub-distributors of varied amounts. 

The sub-distributors got together in an effort to trace Amol's roots and went all the way to Goa, where he has recently opened a branch office. "It
was equally shocking to know that Amol has duped several end-users and resellers in Goa," says Ajay Heda, MD, Heda Computers and Services. 


It all started about ten months ago, when Amol opened a branch office in Goa and started shuttling between the two cities. Although his frequent absence

was seen as a major threat, resellers in Belgaum soon got used to the situation. Amol also developed the tendency to pay late and dishonor the

cheques, but not a single reseller in the two cities smelt a rat. "Amol was a well-known name in the reseller community here. Though he used to delay

payments, we trusted him because of the volume orders he used to place with us," says a Belgaum-based sub-distributor. 

The truth dawned when end-users started approaching sub-distributors when their products was not delivered in due time and, as they could not trace

Amol in his office. Investigations revealed that Amol sold many items, which came to him for repairs and had failed to supply products even after

receiving full payments for the same. 

Sub-distributors in Belgaum have alleged police inaction in the entire episode and have filed a criminal case under section 138 NI against

Amol. Ajay Heda claims to have got a non-bailable arrest warrant against Amol. However despite of all their efforts, they are unable to trace him.

Those defrauded include eBusiness Systems, Syscon Systems, Compu Stores and Compu Aid among others. "We have tried to contact his uncle and father but

they made a sorry face and assured that they would sort the issue soon," says Kiran Karchi, MD, Syscom Systems. Sources in Belgaum claim to have

received information that Amol is in the same business of selling computers or working in a call center in and around Mumbai.