Bengaluru police deploys app for effective policing

Bengaluru city police is deploying an app based on Google Maps to record the realtime crime data.  The application was developed in collaboration with Techpod Technologies and is currently being deployed across 13 police stations in the South-East division.

The  web-based application will help the police to precisely map station boundaries, naaka points, bar and wine store locations as well as crimes, fire accidents and other incidents.

Currently, 17 police officials are using the online crime mapping service. Police control room also used the application to familiarize themselves better with various localities and mobilize the police force swiftly whenever they receive a complaint. The details relating to incidents can be accessed through smartphones as well.

The application is expected to help the police analyze areas under their control, identify sectors that need additional support and track performance targets. It is also expected to allow the police to visualize operational decisions, resource allocation and managerial accountability.

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