BenQ launches 17" LCD monitor 

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New Update

BenQ's new 17" LCD monitor, FP781, integrates a metallic enclosure that covers a slim panel LCD. It delivers high contrast and photo realistic images. 


The FP781 includes analog and DVI inputs for high-definition DVI sources, DVD players, VCRs, network boxes, tuner boxes and/or other components for presentations. Its designed inbuilt multimedia functions support all user applications. 

The LCD monitor has two speakers for stereo sound effects, a microphone for Internet phone application or sound recording, and applications like Internet, gaming and CD playing.

The device has a depth of 20.2 cm and therefore gives users more free space. Its tilt function (0/+25 degrees) and swivel function (-/+ 150 degrees) are designed for a wide sphere of adjustment possibilities and viewing comfort.

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