BPE Signs 3 Collaborations in SE Asia

BPE Signs 3 Collaborations in SE Asia to expand the reach of its power equipment in the South Asian region

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Best Power Equipments India (BPE), an Indian manufacturer of end-to-end strategic power solutions, has cemented three major joint ventures that mark a pivotal step towards becoming a major player in the South East Asian region.


BPE recently entered separate collaborations with China-based Eternal Asia, Vietnam-based IDC Group and the Philippines-based Business Partners Enterprise (BPEIP). These collaborations will propel the distribution of BPE's range of international products across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam market. The joint ventures will give an impressive boost to BPE’s international business endeavours.

Amitansu Satpathy, Group Managing Director of Best Power Equipments said, “BPE has made significant strides in the international markets over the last few years. Our collaborations with EA, IDC Group and BPEIP will further bolster our penetration in the South East Asian Markets. Our full range of best-in-class UPS products will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Recognising the raging demand for uninterrupted power supply in these markets, the right UPS solutions are the need of the hour. BPE is future-ready with IoT-enabled UPS technology to meet the demands of the region,”

Eternal Asia, headquartered in Singapore and a subsidiary of Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management based in ShenZhen, China, is a publicly listed company with a regional presence in ASEAN and the Indian Subcontinent. EA specialises in the distribution of a wide range of products including External and Internal Storage Devices, Flash Memory Products, Solid State Drives (SSD), LCD Displays, Networking, NAS Data Storage and UPS. The agreement with EA will ensure the seamless distribution of BPE's international product range in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.


The IDC Group brings nearly two decades of experience as an authorized distributor of high-quality information technology products. This includes servers, storage solutions, networking devices, laptops, CPUs, desktops, printers, scanners, portable hard drives, HDDs and software. Through this partnership, BPE aims to fortify its market presence by effectively distributing its international product range via an extensive reseller network across Vietnam.

BPE’s third significant collaboration is with Business Partners Enterprise, a distributor and system integrator in the Philippines. BPEIP's extensive reseller network across the Philippines will further reinforce BPE’s market positioning by facilitating the distribution of its state-of-the-art products.

These strategic collaborations align with BPE’s business strategies to expand and fortify its international positioning as a dominant player in the sustainable UPS products market, especially in the Southeast Asian region.


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