Brijesh Singh appointed as Senior VP and Global AI Head, Wipro

Wipro has made an addition to team with the appointment of Brijesh Singh as the Senior VP and Global Head of AI for Wipro Enterprise.

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Brijesh Singh appointed as Senior VP and Global AI Head Wipro

Wipro, the technology services and consulting company, has made a significant addition to its leadership team with the appointment of Brijesh Singh as the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Wipro Enterprise Futuring. This strategic move showcases Wipro's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.


Brijesh Singh's career spans three decades within the technology consulting domain. Notably, he previously held the position of Senior Partner at Deloitte, where he played a pivotal role in steering AI and data-driven transformations. His vast experience is poised to contribute significantly to Wipro's AI endeavors.

This appointment comes in the wake of Wipro's remarkable $1 billion investment commitment to furthering AI initiatives and the debut of Wipro ai360, a testament to the company's intent to be a leading force in the AI landscape.

In his new capacity as the Global Head of AI, Brijesh Singh will be at the helm of propelling Wipro's ai360 strategy to new heights. His primary focus will be on fortifying Wipro's capabilities to foster and expedite the adoption of AI throughout its diverse portfolio. Moreover, he is tasked with devising and delivering AI-centric solutions that cater to client's needs, underscoring Wipro's reputation for innovation and client-centricity.


Crucially, Singh's appointment emphasizes Wipro's unwavering commitment to embedding responsible AI practices across all facets of its operations. This includes not only internal applications but also extending responsible AI principles to every tool and solution offered to clients. This approach aligns with the company's ethos of ethical and forward-looking technology utilization.

Brijesh Singh's academic background includes a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from BIT Sindri, which has undoubtedly laid the foundation for his distinguished career.

In his new role, he will report directly to Nagendra Bandaru, the Managing Partner & President of Enterprise Futuring at Wipro, ensuring seamless coordination and alignment of AI initiatives with the broader organizational goals. This appointment heralds a new phase of AI-driven innovation and advancement for Wipro, reaffirming its status as a trailblazer in the realm of technology services and consulting.

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