Business Opportunities for Partners at Fortinet SAARC Partner Conference

Business Opportunities for Partners at Fortinet SAARC Partner Conference to discuss new growth prospects in cybersecurity

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SAARC Partner Conference

Fortinet recently hosted its annual SAARC Partner Sync conference in Egypt, bringing together over 170 partners from India and other SAARC countries, to discuss emerging trends and opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. 


During the SAARC partner conference, Fortinet experts delivered a series of keynotes highlighting the evolving security landscape and provided critical insights into today's most pressing cybersecurity challenges and how Fortinet is helping businesses address the same. In addition, the conference featured several breakout sessions and networking events, providing partners with the opportunity to learn from industry experts and share best practices with their peers. The discussions broadened perspectives and showcased future opportunities for partners in 2023 and beyond.

Vishak Raman, Regional Vice President, India, SAARC, and Southeast Asia, Fortinet said, ""We are excited to bring together our partners from across the SAARC region to discuss the latest trends and developments in the security industry. Their commitment to delivering the best possible security solutions to our customers has been instrumental in our success and we are grateful for their partnership. As threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, it is essential that we stay at the forefront of innovation and work together to protect our customers and their businesses.  We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to provide the best possible security solutions to our customers."

Sudhir Babu B, Co-Founder and Director, 22By7 Solutions said, “The conference provided detailed information about the latest technologies from the Fortinet cybersecurity suite, and we are keen to work with Fortinet to take these offerings to our customers. We have been partnering with Fortinet on their Secure SD-WAN solution. Fortinet’s SD-WAN is the most comprehensive WAN edge appliance. By partnering with Fortinet, we have been able to reduce complexity and network downtime for our customers.”


Nitin Patil, Director, Logix Infosecurity said, "The Fortinet security fabric provides a platform-based approach to security with solutions designed to secure OT environments. Logix has been helping customers close their OT security gaps, deliver full visibility, and provide simplified management with the Fortinet OT Security solution; one solution that covers the entire converged IT-OT network. We look forward to taking this partnership with Fortinet to the next level.”

Vishal Bindra, CEO, ACPL Systems said, “Working with Fortinet we have helped many customers pursue their digital transformation initiatives. Fortinet’s Cloud Security natively integrates network, application, and platform security solutions to support and enhance digital innovation while providing the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures. Our association with Fortinet has proved to be very rewarding for both companies.”

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