C-Series resilient switch from Force10 Networks

DQC Bureau
New Update


July 19th, 2007


Force10 Networks has introduced the C300 resilient switch purpose-built for

deployments ranging from midsize data centers to wiring closets. The C300

combines the essential reliability characteristics necessary to support mission

critical business applications. "With the introduction of the C300, we have

extended our industry leading performance characteristics," said Sachi

Sambandan, VP of Engineering at Force10 Networks. "The C-Series combines

reliability, network control and scalable capacity characteristics in a chassis

platform optimized for midsized environments."

The Force10 C-Series is designed to bring reliability to the mid-size data

center and enterprise local area network. The modular Force10 Operating System (FTOS)

software provides stability and eliminates unplanned network downtime. In

addition to software reliability, the C-Series delivers full hardware resiliency

with redundant components and hot insertion technologies for maximum network

uptime. The passive backplane of the C300 also means that it doesn't act as a

single point of failure.

Additionally, the C300 features HP OpenView-ready plug-ins with XML and SNMP

MIB hooks for integration into existing data center and wiring closet

environments. The Force10 C300 has a switching capacity of 1.5 Terabits per

second (Gbps) or 96 Gigabits per second per slot.