Cache takes Classic Infoways to court

DQC Bureau
New Update

New Delhi: New Delhi-based Cache Technologies has dragged Gurgaon-based IT company Classic Infoways to court, due to payment defaults. Classic alledgedly bought IBM desktops (10 units) from Cache about a year back and made payment through cheques. However, the cheques eventually bounced.

Prarthana Gupta, Proprietor Cache Technologies said, “It has been over six months since the matter has been pending at the Patiala Court. Every time we approached Classic Infoways the company kept assuring us that the payments would be cleared but a sum of Rs 3 lakh is yet to be recovered from the company. Following the company's lackluster attitude we brought the matter to the notice of the Patiala Court and have lodged a case of cheque bouncing against the company.”

However, when contacted, Chitresh Adlaksha, Proprietor, Classic Infoways, mentioned that their account statements with the company (Cache Technologies) have been manipulated, and that only a sum of approximately Rs 2 lakh has to be paid by them.

“Cache Technologies had directed one of their employees to collect the payment from us. However, when we told them that there are some discrepancies in our account statements with them, they denied it. Every time we requested the company to sit and clarify the matter with us, their representative never turned up and further refused to sit and crosscheck the statements. As of now the matter is lying pending in the court and we have all the required ledgers and other documentary evidence with us,” alleged Adlaksha.