CAMS, Madurai gets a new team

DQC Bureau
New Update

Madurai: Madurai-based association, Computer And Media Society (CAMS) elected its new team members for the year 2008-09 during their annual general meeting on Sep 27, 2008.

G Ravikumar, CEO, Pentagon Computers was elected as the new President for CAMS. Raj Kumar of Srimathi Computers joined as Secretary; Suresh Babu, CEO, Vectra Computer Systems is the new Joint Secretary, while Kamala Kannan, CEO, Mathura Systems has been appointed as Treasurer.

Office bearers of the previous term were inducted into the Executive Committee and
association's former President P Selveasekaran will now be seen in the role of the Lifetime Adviser for CAMS, followed by Lakshminarasihman and Sri Renganathan as Advisors. The new team assumed office with immediate effect.

Commenting on the new team, Selvasekaran, former President, CAMS said that the office bearers selected for this year are experienced and well versed with the market.
"I wanted our youngsters to lead the association, as they can be aggressive and quick in taking decisions. Also the new team has people, who have come up in the business from the scratch. We have even included tier-II and III level traders into the team, where the each and every member can act without any difference in the

status,"Selvasekaran said.

Speaking on the achievements during his tenure, Selvasekaran said that Madurai association was instrumental in rolling out Confed-ITA with the initiatives of former presidents M Selvaraj and K Senthil Nathan.
"It is a pleasure to see that Confed has got the national body status and I feel that in next two years, it will grow to a great

extent,"he opined.

G Ravikumar, President, CAMS said that the first and foremost activity of his association is to increase the strength of the association by adding more members.
"Currently we have about 62 members and within two months, we want to increase that to 100. This apart, we are going to introduce insurance scheme for our members and start conducting various social service

activities," he informed.

Rajkumar, Secretary, CAMS said that the agenda has been set for the year and is waiting for the approval EC members. It may be noted that while the association was formed in the late 90's it was only in 2006 that it became active and it was during the tenure of former President Selvasekaran, the association started numerous activities.