Canon clarifies warranty policy

DQC Bureau
New Update

Resellers across India are facing difficulties while availing service from

Canon authorized service providers as they have no clear warranty/service policy

statement in their possession. The issue came to light after some Hyderabad-based

resellers expressed resentment on the state of affairs and urged their

association to 'do something about it'.


In an effort to resolve the issue Canon moved swiftly to clarify its warranty

policy to the channel partners and customers. According to Alok Bhardwaj, VP,

Canon India, the company has a three-pronged strategy to resolve the issue. He

elaborated, "Firstly, we are sending out communication to all the channel

partners across the country on our warranty policy. This is being made available

to Twin Cities Computer Dealers Association (TCCDA) and its members also, as the

issue started from Hyderabad market. Secondly, we are putting stickers on the

printers to campaign against using fake or refill cartridge as it damages the

printer heads.

We have also clarified that using fake/refill cartridges will void warranty

claims for the head. Thirdly, we have announced swap warranty for the printers

where any defective product will be replaced with new one except for the print

head. All these initiatives are aimed at resolving the issue."

Alok believes that the issue is a fall-out of Canon's recent decision of

not suppor-ting warranty claims on print heads, where fake/refill produ-cts were

used. "Four months back, Canon took a decision of globally not entertaining

claims on print heads where fake/refill products were used. After implementing

it, there was a drop of 30% in the claims.


We use a foolproof solution (which finds out the PH factor in ink from the

print head) to find out whether gen-uine cartridge was used and based on the

results, the deci-sion was taken to entertain the claim or not. What we have

seen in Hyderabad market is the backlash of this decision," he said.

Talking about the issue, Sailesh Gumidelli, President of TCCDA, said,

"There is a lot of ambiguity in Canon warranty/service program. And since

no company statement on this was available Canon authorized service providers

are taking the resellers for ride by dictating th-eir own terms and


The resellers in Hyderabad and Chennai confirm that warranty issues with

Canon have been there and the issuance of policy statement by the company would

help resolve the issue.

"We do not understand why Canon did not make its warranty statement

available to all the resellers. Most of the time, we know about Canon warranty

offers only through media and advertisements. However, when we approach the

company authorized service providers for any replace-ment and support, they

turn-down our demands saying the warranty does not cover it. We are not able to

demand our rights since we do not know what our rights are," said a leading

reseller in Hyderabad.