CDAC ventures into Linux BOSS Server

DQC Bureau
New Update

Upgrading from an entry level server to an advanced version, Center for

Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) released its edition of the Bharat

Operating Systems Solution (BOSS) Linux server.


Inaugurated by the IT Minister of West Bengal, Dr Debesh Das, the advanced

Linux server is an extension of the open source technology already in vogue in

the Boss desktops in Tamil Nadu.

S Ramakrishnan, Director General, CDAC said, “The key feature of the BOSS

server is the ability to remotely control the server using vinagre GUI

application. It contains wireshark tool for network proto­col analyzer with

network explorer and security auditing tools. Its main utility, however, is

intrusion prevention and detec­tion systems using 22 language portals.”

Introducing the new technology, CDAC is primarily targeting the state

governments and educational institutions in it's approach to popularize

open-source operating and server systems across its 10 centers across India and

has already signed MoU agreement with the governments of Chattisgarh and Tamil



CDAC has already set-up a customer inquiry facility in Tamil Nadu for

technical assistance for the use of Boss servers and desktops. Also, focusing on

Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala, CDAC is keen to enlarge its education segment

with the newly introduced BOSS server. To meet this target, the enterprise has

already built research laboratories in 64 engineering colleges across north