Celebrate this V-day with HyperX and Kingston range

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you need to be expressive and some thoughtful presents will surely not hurt either. Traditional V-day gifts probably don’t speak the same way they speak to you. Here are some manly alternatives handpicked by Kingston

HyperX Cloud Core Headset: | Price: Rs 4,299

The HyperX Cloud Core headset already sits comfortably in a neat box and when wrapped, surely entices the season of love. These are arguably one of the best gaming and audio headsets that promise a long-lasting comfort, sturdy build and superior sound isolation. It offers a true combination of design and performance. The HyperX Cloud Core headset is a great gift for your love that pays equal attention to you as his music.

HyperX-Cloud-StingerHyperX Cloud Stinger Headset: | Price: Rs 3,840

For the lovers of all things classic and stylish, HyperX Cloud Stinger headset does exactly that, and with style. These are the best in class affordable gaming headset that brings audio precision with comfort. The Stinger promises to enrich your love as well as the gaming experience.

DT50 USB 3.0 drive | Price: Rs 350 onwards

Expensive gifts need not do the talking this Valentines. You have a tested formula to make a collage or a cute video and give it to him in a cool USB. Kingston’s Data Traveler 50 is a lightweight USB Flash drive that’s available in up to 128GBcapacities.Moreover it works at USB 3.1 speeds, delivering good transfer speeds with convenience, making it an essential tool for the youth and professionals alike.


HyperX-Fury-DDR48GB HyperX Fury DDR4 Gaming Memory: |Price: Rs 7,554

If he is a PC gamer, upgrading his system with a HyperX Fury DDR4 gaming memory is the super option. Every time he has a stutter free and smooth game play, he will remember your gift. The HyperX Fury definitely is the strongest contender as it comes with a Lifetime Warranty too. It is an asset as it holds great value when you’re on a gaming budget.


Kingston-UV400-SSD2240GB Kingston UV400 SSD:| Price: Rs 5,799

Here’s a gift that will help you create and save wonderful memories. If he loves his PC games, he knows that his old system or laptop needs a refresher dose. Why buy a new system when Kingston’s UV400 SSD can dramatically improve the responsiveness of the existing system and is 10 times faster than a hard drive.

This Valentines 2017, it’s time to go Techy!


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