Aditi Jhawar

When Challenges Turn Opportunities

Aditi Jhawar fits perfectly to be called as ‘Accidental CEO’ of Kolkata based Bardroy Infotech. Responsibilities chased her when her father passed away unexpectedly. As a person from an educational background from health sciences far away from technology business, Aditi had to run the business. In an interview with us, she shares how she managed to make things set right after the uninvited incidents

Some incidents change our life completely. The technology selling was not your cup-of-tea. But it is now your bread and butter. How is it to shoulder such responsibilities suddenly?

At a very young age, coming from a medical background and no experience at all with the works of IT industry it was a very big challenge for me to shoulder the responsibilities of Bardroy, which was a big name in the IT already. But I was blessed to have a few months initially with my father through which I understood his vision and principals at work which helped me to pave my way. I am also blessed with great encouragement and support from my family and friends who have been there to encourage me to take the lead and always had faith in me.

What were the initial challenges you had faced in the initial phase and how did you manage to stabilise things?

Acceptance and adaptability of the team was initially a very big challenge personally for me. But thankfully all my challenges turned into opportunities, Mentoring helped me a lot from my grandfather, my uncle and other seniors and I am still learning. I am able to appreciate the challenges of business in a much more rational manner now. Adaptability personally was the biggest challenge.

What are the aspects of the organisation you allowed to be in your father’s style and what were the new ideas you had injected in the system?

Well, the company was founded with a vision to be one of the leading System integrators for our clients and give solutions with a human touch, we keep that vision above and give 100% to serve our clients and keep them satisfied to provide them a smooth IT environment.  We aim to keep a very healthy work environment where the entire organisation works as one to serve and meet our organisation goals. The mission and the goal remain the same, however, we try innovating with different solutions and different ways to achieve the goal and motivating the team by also helping them with a good work-life balance.

After your assuming leadership, what are the ways your organisation had transformed? Like adopting new technologies, changing the way business work and new OEMs?

Now we have established ourselves in business verticals like CCTV, Networking, Solutions with Artificial Intelligence and other security solutions to give end to end and value-added services to our client. We have been working with various leading brands for Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Security and more. Our main focus now is to increase our ROI and also increase the ROI of our client by our value propositions.

What are the top suggestions you would like to provide for the next generations who take leadership from parents?

To all next gens I would like to say, always remember your roots, keep learning and innovating yourselves. Always remember your foundation and remember to take the vision and goals of the organisation ahead of the right way. Discipline, Routine, and Planning are something’s I follow.

The interviewer is a Contributing Columnist to DQ Channels

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