Check Point Software Partner Program Launched to drive growth

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. recently unveiled its Partner Program, designed to strengthen partner capabilities.

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Check Point Software Partner Program Launched to drive growth

Check Point Software Partner Program Launched to drive growth

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. recently unveiled its Partner Program, designed to strengthen partner capabilities and drive growth in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.


The cybersecurity sector is witnessing rapid expansion and growth. Recent figures from Canalys reveal that cybersecurity spending has surged to $19 billion, underscoring the growing demand for collaborative security solutions.

As technology advances, cyber threats evolve in tandem, heightening the urgency for a unified cybersecurity platform that offers comprehensive protection spanning from edge to network to cloud and beyond. Globally, organizations are increasingly turning to the channel for guidance not only on cybersecurity solutions but also for compliance regulations and bolstering cyber resilience.

Channel partners are strategically positioned to articulate the value of cybersecurity solutions effectively while addressing specific concerns and needs regarding current and future threats.


Check Point's new Partner Program, anchored in a partner-centric business model, reaffirms the company's dedication to its partners while unlocking avenues for mutual growth. The program is meticulously crafted to amplify partner performance and satisfaction, with a keen focus on enhancing deal closure rates to drive business expansion and streamlining quoting processes for swift customer response.

By bolstering partnership engagement, the program incentivizes partners to cultivate specialized expertise, thereby augmenting the value of their services. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless access to vital tools and resources, thereby enhancing operational efficiency for partners across the board.

“For over 30 years, Check Point has blazed the path for innovation in cyber security. In light of the current climate and increasing rate of cyber threats, we are launching a new, partner program to help our partners accelerate their efforts in providing the best cyber security,” said Francisco Criado, Check Point’s VP of Global Partner Ecosystem Organization. “We are excited to continue this journey with our partners, providing them with the best tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in our dynamic industry.”


Check Point's upgraded Partner Program is strategically designed to complement its robust platform, with a special emphasis on its AI-driven, cloud-based security solutions. This initiative empowers partners to seamlessly cross-sell and up-sell advanced security offerings from Check Point's extensive portfolio, which caters to various attack vectors such as SASE, email security, cloud infrastructures, SD-WAN, and mobile security.

The program enhancements are tailored to harness the power of these innovative technologies, equipping partners to effectively tackle a wide array of cybersecurity threats. Among its key upgrades are:

Simplification and tier progression: 


The new tiering model aimed at boosting engagement across all levels. Partners now have the opportunity to attain Advanced, Professional, Premier, or Elite status based on the scale of the business opportunity. This consolidated approach streamlines the process and offers clearer pathways for partners to progress within the program.

New pricing Model: 

Check Point has launched a customer-centric pricing structure that not only aligns with market standards but also offers the most substantial discount system in its history. This framework ensures predictability for customers while providing them with competitive pricing. Moreover, deal registrations have surged by 100%, due to the introduction of a new incumbent partner program, which guarantees deal protection on renewals, reinforcing partner confidence and stability in their business endeavors.


Free Certification: 

It now offers complimentary certifications to fulfill partner-level compliance requirements. introduce tailored tracks that align with each partner's unique go-to-market strategy. This personalized approach ensures partners receive the necessary training and certifications to excel in their specific market segments.



Access additional benefits by completing supplementary training and certification programs tailored to specific specializations. Achieving specialization can result in unlocking extra perks and a potential 20% discount for partners.

App relaunch: 

Usage of the enhanced app has surged by five times its previous levels. With new use cases, users now have access to training, expert insights, and instant deal registrations, significantly enhancing their experience.

Here’s what partners say about the newly launched Check Point Partner Program:

Sanjay Patodia, CEO, of Galaxy Office Automation Pvt Ltd, one of Check Point’s partners in India, commented, “As a proud partner of Check Point Software in India, we are excited to witness the transformative journey of the Check Point Partner Program. The new and improved program is a testament to Check Point’s unwavering commitment to its channel partners. With a consolidated tiering model, we now have clear pathways to progress from Advanced to Elite status, tailoring our engagement based on the size of business opportunities. The new customer-focused pricing framework not only aligns with market standards but also offers significant discounts. One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the relaunch of the app which is a game-changer. Aligned with our dedication to delivering top-tier security services, the program’s emphasis on specialization and certification reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with the utmost protection against potential threats.”

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