Choice Solutions bets big on green IT

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NR Sethuraman



May 5, 2008

Hyderabad-based Choice Solutions is betting big on its green IT and data

center solutions.

KV Jagannath, CEO, Choice Solutions said, “We will focus on green IT and

data centers by a partnership model this fiscal. We are in talks with various

people for the same and are also propose to include channel partners into our



The company is expanding in the B and C-class cities this fiscal. “At

present, we are making efforts to reach B and C-class cities. However, due to

recession and other reasons, we have held up our global expansion plans right

now,” Jagannath averred.

Choice has also adopted a differentiated model, based on client-centric and

vendor-neutral approach. It has recorded a 39 percent growth during 2006-07. “We

are constantly doing lots of customer-focused innovations, and recently, have

launched several green IT-based solutions on how to optimize and get the

non-stop power supply. We have launched this informally and soon these solutions

will reach the customers,” Jagannath claimed.

He also noted that the concept of green IT and data centers is going to gain

momentum in the near future, and the SPs who are focusing on this will benefit a

lot, since the recent recession has taken a toll on the companies' IT

investments. “Green IT and data centers are the mode to survive during this

recession period and lot of companies can follow this, which will eventually

benefit the SPs,” he said.

For over four years, Choice has been in the area of green IT solutions and

data center deployments. Till date, they have made around 115 installations

across the country. The company forayed into data center practice by launching

its 'Choice Datacenter Division'.

The services provided by the division were data center assessment,

deployment, designing, audits and management services. The strong demand from

this service came from the IT/IteS vertical. In addition, the company also

extended its services to other core areas like structured cabling, captive power

and precision A/C. Currently, the company has around 10 branches across the

country and one in Boston, US.