Cloud Leader - Kingshuk Chatterjee, VP & Global Head, Godrej Infotech

Cloud Leader - Kingshuk Chatterjee, VP & Global Head, Godrej Infotech on his Cloud business in 2021 in both India and abroad

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Kingshuk Chatterjee, VP & Global Head - External Business, Godrej Infotech, Mumbai, is a Cloud solutions provider who works with the Cloud arm of the well known Indian organisation viz., Godrej. Here he talks about the business growth of Godrej Infotech. 2021 was an year of evolving Cloud solutions requirements in different segments of the industry. Hence, it's importance for us to learn about this.


What was your revenue growth % in 2021?

2021 was a challenging year for everyone. However, Godrej Infotech met the challenges quite efficiently. Our annual revenue growth % was 13%.

What % of revenue growth came from cloud solutions?


Cloud solutions of various categories were greatly in demand in 2021. This was because remote work needed specific Cloud installation, data management and security management. As hybrid work environment grew in popularity, the requirements of Cloud installations both grew and changed in nature. We were able to manage all this volume of work with expertise. As a result, our specific revenue growth in Cloud segment was 156% as compared to the previous year.

What % of your clientele came from the MSME sector and from the non-metro locations?

Godrej Infotech provides Cloud solutions and manages the business requirements of all categories of clients, in both India and in overseas. 2021 was a good year for our Cloud business and we received many inquiries from both metros and non-metros and also from foreign locations. If we look at this break up, then 56% of our business came from large enterprises and 44% from the MSME sector. 80% clients were from the metro cities and 20% were from the non-metro cities in India. In addition, 78% clients came from overseas locations and 22% were from India. Thus, we have our significant presence in foreign locations as well.

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