Axis Communications Launches Axis Cloud Connect Surveillance Platform

Axis Communications has unveiled Axis Cloud Connect, a cloud-based platform that provides customers security solutions. Axis Cloud Connect offers services for system and device management, video and data delivery, and cybersecurity.

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Axis Cloud Connect

Axis Communications has launched Axis Cloud Connect, a cloud-based platform aimed at providing customers with security solutions. The platform, based on the company’s experience in cloud connectivity and its existing base of cloud-connected cameras, is designed to integrate with Axis devices. Axis Cloud Connect offers services that assist with system and device management, video and data delivery, and cybersecurity.


Creating opportunity and delivering value to the entire channel

The platform offers managed services that help integrate Axis devices with partner applications. Axis is responsible for hosting, delivering, and managing these services to maintain system performance and security. These services allow for remote access to live video and device management, including automated updates. User and access management services are also available, providing control over user rights and permissions. Axis Cloud Connect supports system integrators and end customers and allows Axis partners to create cloud-based solutions tailored to market needs and customer requirements.

According to Johan Paulsson, CTO at Axis Communications, “Axis Cloud Connect is a continuation of our commitment to deliver secure-by-design solutions that meet changing customer needs. This offering combines the benefits of cloud technology and hybrid architectures with our deep knowledge of analytics, image usability, cybersecurity, and long-term experience with cloud-based solutions—all managed by our team of experts to reduce friction for our customers.”


Empowering partners and accelerating market readiness

Genetec has launched its Genetec Security Center SaaS, a software-as-a-service solution that integrates access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, and other security functions.

Axis and Genetec share a long history of collaboration and a common approach to product development. Last year, we launched Axis Powered by Genetec, a solution that demonstrates the innovation derived from deep collaboration and openness,” said Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering at Genetec Inc. “Today, thanks to Axis Cloud Connect and Security Center SaaS, our customers will benefit from continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features, and important cyber security updates from two of the industry’s leading innovators.” 


Axis has announced the development of its video management system, AXIS Camera Station, on Axis Cloud Connect. The new AXIS Camera Station includes Pro, Edge, and Center versions, designed to meet various user requirements for video surveillance, device management, architecture, storage, analytics, data management, and cloud services.

Powering the next generation of AXIS Camera Station

AXIS Camera Station Pro is an on-premise video management system with features such as remote cloud connectivity, a web client hosted both self-hosted and in the cloud, search functions, an analytics dashboard, and integration with the full product range. It will be available on April 30, 2024.


AXIS Camera Station Edge is a cloud solution that operates on Axis Edge devices with direct camera-to-cloud connectivity. It focuses on video surveillance with AI capabilities at the edge, automatic notification features, a web client, and storage options. It will be available in the second half of 2024.

AXIS Camera Station Center offers a license that combines multiple AXIS Camera Station Pro and/or Edge deployments into a single interface, unifying video operations and managing devices, users, and licenses. It will also be available in the second half of 2024.

Axis Cloud Connect, along with the AXIS Camera Station and Axis devices, incorporate cybersecurity measures to meet industry standards and regulations. The technology stack includes edge devices and the AXIS OS, which work together with Axis cloud services for performance and updates.


The new cloud platform and its associated solutions, developed by Axis and its partners, are designed to provide opportunities and value for businesses, enabling them to adopt cloud technology at a suitable pace for their growth.

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