Emerging Role of Channel Partners in Cloud Technologies

Channel partners in the cloud domain are key to facilitating digital transformation and enhancing cloud technologies for businesses across various sectors

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Emerging Role of Channel Partners in Cloud Technologies

Role of Channel Partners in Cloud Technologies

In India, emerging cloud technologies are changing how businesses operate, innovate, and scale in today's digital age. These technologies offer a wide range of advancements that are reshaping IT landscapes.


Key among these cloud technologies are advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning integrated with cloud platforms. 

Channel partners specializing in the cloud domain play a pivotal role in facilitating digital transformation and enhancing cloud technologies for businesses across various sectors. They are crucial intermediaries between cloud service providers and end-users.

Channel partners in the cloud domain provide a range of services, including cloud migration, integration, and ongoing support. They help organizations leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of cloud technologies. Cloud partners are the game changers, they are boosting the overall cloud technology sector.


Dive into the profile of two such cloud partners SAVIC, and Precipere, both of them emerging as cloud partners not only in the West and South India but also expanding their footprints Globally.

In an Exclusive interaction with DQ Channels Shruti Patel, Spokesperson Partner Alliance, SAVIC, shared:

"We are an SAP Platinum Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and AWS Selective Partner, providing SAP implementation solutions and licensing. Our briefing assessment spans up to eight weeks, with a maximum timeline of one and a half months. We offer public cloud, private cloud, CRM solutions, and SXM solutions. Our implementations are concentrated in South and West India, with growing international operations. Our global outlets include our headquarters in CPD Vellapur, Navi Mumbai.


Currently, we are implementing projects at AVD Plantation in South India and PMElectro in Nashik. Internationally, projects are underway in Dubai and the Middle East. We are working on a SuccessFactors project, while at Codex, we have completed a project which is going live. Our recruitment strategy involves hiring interns and transitioning them to full-time roles after six months based on performance.

Our expertise includes on-premises to cloud migrations, managed by our basis team for data migration and various package solutions in IMS systems. We also provide digital app, innovation, infrastructure, data, and AI solutions. We specialize in Power BI solutions through our Microsoft partnership and offer tailored cloud solutions through distributors and vendors. 

Our leadership team includes Senthil Kumar Subramaniam as Chairman and MD, Sudhir Nair as Chief Growth Officer, Venugopal Ramanathan as Global Sales Officer, and Yuvraj Thumbre as Chief Process Officer overseeing operations in India and the US. Uday Wagle serves as our Alliance's VP.


We are expanding globally, with plans to grow operations in Germany and a recent establishment in the US over the past year. Previously, we launched entities in Singapore focusing on Microsoft, SAP, and AWS."

Devina Palke, Spokesperson, Percipere shared insights with DQ Channels:

"Precipere has been engaged with SAP since 2017 and is one of the few partners holding multi-country SAP role partnerships. Headquartered in the UK, we operate offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Dubai, and the US. Our core team boasts over 25 years of global experience, delivering SAP and business process improvement services across various industry verticals.


We operate as a unified team with extensive enterprise consulting expertise in finance, supply chain, procurement, and customer experience (CX). This includes a dedicated SAP technology group covering BPP, Cignavio, and SCC, alongside an innovation group focused on AI, generative AI, and process mining.

Noteworthy achievements include the first public cloud implementation in the UK in 2017 with Travelopea. Our clientele includes prominent names such as Times of India Group, Sony, and Advanced Pharma, where we deploy automation and workflow analytics solutions.

Our leadership team includes Prathamesh Vengade, our MD who oversees operations, particularly in the UK. Co-founders like Prathamesh Mangarde bring deep technological insight, while Rajeshwari Bhattacharya drives tech strategy with extensive corporate sector experience.


Abhay Mehta leads delivery and services operations with a focus on customized solutions, and Sourav Karmarkar spearheads new-age solutions development as our solution architect. Together, they lead a diverse team of leaders across different regions and domains, ensuring innovative solutions and client satisfaction globally."


In conclusion, emerging cloud technologies in India are revolutionizing business operations, innovation, and scalability in the digital era. Key advancements in AI and machine learning integrated with cloud platforms are driving changes across the IT sector. Channel partners play a key role in enabling this transformation, expanding their global footprints, and offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.



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