Cloudera Advances Data Warehousing Leadership

Cloudera Inc.  announced the general availability of Cloudera Workload XM, an intelligent workload experience management cloud service designed for today’s data warehouse. Unlike legacy performance management tools, Workload XM provides guided self-service workload analytics for visibility and control over analytic workloads through the entire lifecycle. Cloudera Workload XM enables enterprises to confidently support today’s exponential growth in analytic workloads and deliver the analytic experience that businesses and data professionals demand.

Analytic use cases, and the application workloads that power them, are increasing at unprecedented levels, as enterprises are beginning to realize the value of their data assets for driving innovation and competitiveness. Couple the growth in analytic workload demand with business user expectations for self-service analytics and most IT organizations are in a no-win situation. Despite enhancing legacy data warehouses, most find they are unable to monitor and track their business-critical applications, meet expected SLAs, or control costs. Enterprises need to step up to the scale, reliability and analytics experience that only a modern data warehouse can deliver.

“Guided self-service workload analytics in Workload XM is the first step in our vision of a self-healing data platform that not only provides real-time prescriptive recommendations, but also makes evidence-based optimization decisions through automated SLA management and auto-scaling,” said Anupam Singh, general manager of analytics at Cloudera. “Workload XM provides visibility into what’s actually happening on the platform and provides the tools to deliver an extraordinary analytics experience that business people expect.”

Cloudera Workload XM provides intelligent workload management designed and optimized specifically for Cloudera’s powerful hybrid cloud data warehouse. It works without upgrading or installing any software, which means you can use it “now” versus having to install yet another software tool. With this service, organizations can proactively identify and eliminate bottlenecks to minimize failures and deliver system performance that exceeds expectations. Released earlier this summer, Workload XM has already helped customers with thousands of actionable insights, based on analysis of millions of Apache Impala queries and data engineering jobs. It enables faster, more seamless migrations through self-service troubleshooting and root-cause analysis. And unlike standalone tools, Workload XM provides end-to-end visibility across the entire data warehouse, helping improve performance, reduce downtime and optimize utilization across the complete lifecycle of your analytics workloads.

Cloudera Workload XM is generally available now.

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