CMDA expects octroi to come down to one percent

The concerted efforts by city-based CMDA to bring down octroi
are expected to yield results in the near future. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)
is in the process of reducing octroi on IT products to one percent from the
current three percent.

According to Suresh Joshi, Secretary, CMDA, the association
was successful in convincing PMC that the overall octroi revenue would go up if
the tariff was brought down to one percent. At one percent, CMDA is confident
that everyone would pay up octroi instead of evading it.

CMDA has added another feather to its cap by getting the
green signal from PMC for its IT Hardware Park project. PMC as already allocated
three plots for the same. CMDA has to now select the right plot and go ahead
with the project.

Points out Suresh, "CMDA plans to work on the project on
a BOT (build, operate, transfer) basis. We will work together with a major
consultant to ensure that the project moves ahead without any hitch."

CMDA has played an influential role in establishing the IT
Task Force Committee of PMC which wants to sell Pune at the international level
as a destination of promise for hardware and software. This committee will have
its offices in the proposed IT Hardware Park and promote the city at the global
level for IT investments.

CMDA has also been working closely with vendors and
distributors to streamline business relationships. As a result of these efforts,
80 percent of vendors and distributors have begun selling their goods within the
octroi limits of Pune.


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