Codleo Consulting announces Silver Partnership with Salesforce

Codleo has recently announced its strategic & exciting Silver Partnership with Salesforce to enhance its customer interface in all aspects.

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Codleo has recently announced its strategic & exciting Silver Partnership with Salesforce. With the rise in the level of partnership, the company aims to enhance its customer interface in all aspects – marketing, sales, customer services, and building stronger customer relationships.


Codleo has a wide array of expertise in executing strategic business ideas by using the latest technologies to deliver impeccable customer experience.

Through the Silver Partnership with Salesforce, the company plans to grow 5 times by 2024 by leading differentiated practices and leveraging innovative tools to acquire more leads.

It foresees the creation of hundreds of jobs within the Salesforce domain offering a bright career path for the Indian youngsters with aspiration in Codleo.


It is also engaging with institutes of higher learning to offer courses leading to the placement of their students within the Codleo team.

Bimla Singh, Managing Director of Codleo said on this occasion, "Reaching Silver partnership is a morale booster. We are very excited and this will encourage our team to work harder with greater motivation to scale bigger heights".

Commenting on the announcement, RS Maan, Chief Revenue Officer of Codleo said, “We are honored and delighted to see Codleo make it to silver partnership in such a short span.


We believe that Silver Partnership is a new feather in our hat and we will continue to evolve our salesforce practice by further investing in the technology.”

Salesforce, the world's #1 customer success platform headquartered in San Francisco, automates and streamlines business processes for better customer engagement.

It benefits the associates with its three different levels of partnerships – consulting partnership, consulting partnership (for Not-for-profit organizations), and AppExchange (cloud-based marketplace for different partners).


Currently, Codleo is a member and within a year it has successfully become a Silver member of the ecosystem.

With expertise in leveraging the business processes, it is also planning to become a trusted partner of the Salesforce AppExchange program in the coming months.

Becoming a Salesforce cloud alliance program requires a partner to fulfill a broad set of criteria. It is structured to recognize their contribution based on – the number and type of Salesforce certified employees working in the company, Project Customer satisfaction score (CSAT).


Additionally, another important criterion for Salesforce partnership is the revenue generation by the number and type of licenses sold, new customer acquisitions, industry-specific solutions by the partner, and many among others.

Codleo is a global IT service provider & a Salesforce focused organization, providing integrated CRM and digital services to its clients.

It has also developed exclusive apps on Salesforce Platforms that provide seamless automation and support for Project management and Hiring processes.

Furthersome, Codleo has a strong portfolio of clients from different domains. It is a globally recognized company with a strong foothold in India, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Besides the collaboration with Salesforce, the company has also partnered with Hubspot and Zendesk.