CommScope Introduces SYSTIMAX 2.0: Innovative Cabling Solutions

CommScope has recently unveiled the latest version of its SYSTIMAX building and data center connectivity portfolio, known as SYSTIMAX 2.0.

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CommScope Introduces SYSTIMAX 2.0 Innovative Cabling Solutions

CommScope Introduces SYSTIMAX 2.0 Innovative Cabling Solutions

CommScope has recently unveiled the latest version of its SYSTIMAX building and data center connectivity portfolio, known as SYSTIMAX 2.0. This new generation of structured cabling solutions is specifically designed to meet the current and future demands of customers, providing them with cutting-edge technology and enhanced support. With these new enhancements, customers can expect top-tier, reliable connectivity that meets the challenges of today's ever-changing technological landscape.


In today's world, there is an increased demand for technology and operational efficiency, especially in buildings, data centers, and campuses. This has made it more critical than ever to have a flexible, reliable, and future-proof infrastructure. For almost four decades now, SYSTIMAX solutions have been at the forefront of driving tomorrow's network technologies, enabling customers to evolve their networks to meet the ever-changing demands of the business environment. Known for exceeding the standards of enterprise connectivity, SYSTIMAX technology is the trusted solution for structured cabling, continuously evolving to redefine how building, data center, and campus networks function. With SYSTIMAX 2.0 enhancements, CommScope leverages its rich history of performance and reliability in copper, fiber, and network intelligence to carry forward this legacy.

“With the SYSTIMAX 2.0 enhancements, CommScope is expanding its support for future customer needs with continuous technology innovation, world-class performance and reliability, application assurance, and unrivaled global support,” stated Luc Adriaenssens, VP of Enterprise Product Management and R&D, CommScope. “We will be evolving the SYSTIMAX portfolio of products and services to ensure we continue to meet those needs.”

Two New Innovative Solutions


Customers are increasingly requiring support for high-demand devices on their twisted-pair Ethernet networks. CommScope's new multi-patented solution, GigaSPEED XL5 technology, is designed for customers who need a faster network than 1 Gbps copper but are not yet ready for 10 Gbps copper. The GigaSPEED XL5 solution is ideal for applications such as multigigabit backhaul connectivity for advanced wireless access points. This new solution supports 2.5/5 gigabit Ethernet applications in 4-connector, 100m channels with bundled cables, while still maintaining the ease of installation of our GigaSPEED XL solution.

CommScope has launched a new solution called VisiPORT that automates the monitoring of copper and fiber port status and capacity. This technology enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and eliminates the need for continuous database maintenance. VisiPORT uses real-time data to facilitate decision-making, thereby reducing errors. It detects and reports events that occur when a plug is inserted or removed and can provide alerts for unexpected or unauthorized patching activity. The solution is straightforward to deploy and provides instant port status and capacity information, allowing users to set customized thresholds for action. The VisiPORT solution consists of intelligent copper panels and fiber shelves equipped with built-in port sensors and system controllers. It leverages the port-sensing technology that is foundational to CommScope's comprehensive vision Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution. In a rapidly changing environment, data center and facilities managers require simple real-time insights to improve efficiency and reduce connection errors. The SYSTIMAX VisiPORT solution meets this need.

Enhanced SYSTIMAX Assurance


CommScope has a reputation for providing exceptional support to network architects and managers in a fast-paced environment. The SYSTIMAX Assurance program is now introducing new and improved features, including 360-degree customer support from over 80 Systems Engineering teams across the globe, and a network of more than 10,000 SYSTIMAX-certified partners in 130 countries.

The SYSTIMAX Assurance program offers a wide range of benefits, including 24/7 live premium technical support, and is backed by our 25-Year Product Extended Warranty and Application Assurance. For complete details on what the program entails, please visit our website.



Our SYSTIMAX 2.0 program is built on our flagship solutions such as fiber, intelligence, edge architectures and copper portfolio. These solutions have been relied upon by our customers for successful network evolution. By aligning our solutions under the SYSTIMAX 2.0 program, our customers can benefit from a network that will remain efficient and effective for years to come.

The new SYSTIMAX 2.0 program is a complete solution built on our core pillars including:

Fiber and copper structured cabling solutions, network intelligence, edge and extended distance solutions, and customer support. These pillars serve as a foundation offering unparalleled solutions providing customers with more options that meet their evolving network needs.

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