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SEPTEMBER 30, 2006


COMPASS (Computer Association of Eastern India) elected its new President and

the Executive Committee for year 2006—07 on its 12th AGM. After completing its

twelve-year journey, once again COMPASS has unanimously elected KL Lalani as the

new President. For Lalani, who is one of the founder members and also the first

president of the association in 1994, the current appointment is his second


Expressing his views on the occasion, Lalani said, “I was not very keen to

take the post as it demands a lot of attention and the responsibility is huge.

But it was the need of the hour and when everybody selected and requested me, I

could not deny.”

Talking about his plans as the new President of COMPASS, Lalani said, “I

would like to take up some of the burning issues on behalf of the members.

Issues like warranty, payment, credit policies demands immediate attention. And

I am planning to do some constructive jobs on these areas.” Elaborating

further he said that, Warranty support is always a big issue with both the

partners as well as end-users. “I am planning to hold some seminars on this

issue,” he said. “We are also coming up with a warranty book which will

include the warranty terms and condition of almost all the IT OEMs. This will

help to educate both the partners and the end-users,” he informed.


He is also keen to take up other major issue regarding credit and payment

terms that most dealers have to face.

Commenting on last year's fiasco, Lalani whole-heartedly thanked his

predecessor VK Bhandari, “My predecessor did a very good job during his tenure

last time. He has been quite successful to bring back the legacy of COMPASS,

which was to some extent damaged due to the failure of the March 2005

exhibition. I am thankful to him as he has not left any backlog for me.”

Adding up to this he said farther, “Now my responsibility is huge as I will

have to take over from where he has left and accomplish this task.”

COMPASS this time has also formed two new cells in its recently held AGM. One

is the Business & Trade Practices Committee lead by Vinay Dugar of Supreme

Technologies and the second one is Sports Activities headed by Sunil Jhawar of S

K Enterprise. “We are also planning to do some activities, seminars, etc for

the overall benefit of the members which is very essential. Only conducting

exhibitions won't suffice,” said Lalani. “This year we are also planning

to do three exhibitions apart from the main COMPASS Exhibition. One will be a PC

show followed by a Gaming and Software show. The fourth one will be Used PC

show,” he informed.


The new President has a ambitious plan in his mind for the benefit of all the

COMPASS members, “I feel that there should be a separate premises for COMPASS

at GC Avenue itself with all modern amenities. This will help the members to

conduct any types of trade related meets or events. Being in the market itself

this will facilitate all the partners to a great extent.” He also added that

to materialize this project a lot of fund is also required. “This is in my

mind and needs to be approved by the Executive Committee first,” he said. The

occasion was also utilized to release the latest version of the COMPASS

Membership Directory by Lalani and Bhandari.


COMPASS Executive Committee 2006


President: KL Lalani- Lalani Infotech

Executive Committee Members 2006-07:


Alok Garodia - Jupiter International


Gopal Pansari - Rashi Peripherals

JK Baid - Eastern Comnet

Manoj Jain - Destiny Infotek

PL Suhasaria — Caltron

Pawan Jajodia - Mohit Electronics

Pradeep Biyani - Suntronic Systems

Pranay Agarwal - Alfa Tech

Rajendra Kr. Bachawat - Arihant Mercantiles

Rajen Keshan - Cine Photographic Agencies

Rajesh Saboo - Saboo Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay Chordia - Systematix Media

Sanjay Chowdhury - Reliable Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil Jhawar - SK Enterprise

VK Dugar - Supreme Technologies

Immediate Past President: VK Bhandari - Supertron Electronics

Immediate Past Secretary: Jayanth - Microcom

Permanent Invitees: N Dhanuka - Odyssey Computer Services

Niraj Agarwal - Nimbus Technologies

RK Poddar - Computer Center


Co-opted Members:


MK Shah - Pecon Infotech


Arun Kr. Jalan - Jalan Infotech

Hement Chabria - Chabria Infotech

Selected Office Bearers 2006-07


Vice President: Alok Garodia - Jupiter International


Secretary: Sanjay Chaudhary - Reliable Infotech

Joint Secy.: Pradeep Biyani - Suntronic Systems

Treasurer: Gopal Pansari - Rashi Peripherals

Committees 2006-07:


Exhibition: Pawan Jajodia - Mohit Electronics


Fellowship: Rajen Keshan - Cine Photographic Agencies

Rajesh Saboo - Saboo Computers

Website: Manoj Jain - Destiny Infotek Ltd

IT/Members Directory: Pranay Agarwal - Alfa Tech

Seminar & Training: Sanjay Chordia - Systematix Media

Social Services: G Jayanth - Microcom

Grievance & Legal Cell: RK Poddar - Computer Center

Business & Trade Practices: VK Dugar - Supreme Technologies

Newsletter: Manoj Jain - Destiny Infotek

Membership & Corporate:


Membership Drive: PL Suhasaria - Caltron


Sports Activities: Sunil Jhawar — SK Enterprise