Compucover East Introduces Keyskin Anti-Viral Keyboard Guard

Compucover East has developed new Keyskin  keyboard protectors, which have got approval certification from government authorised  “ITS Laboratory”  for Anti- Microbial   and  Anti-Viral   properties.
The company  is now accepting orders for the product and starting deliveries in December 2020 for the moulds and models they have in their inventory. They also offer customisation of Keyskin as for the customers’ product specifications.

The Keyskin keyboard protectors from CompuCover is a super thin protective cover for desktop, laptop or notebook computers, cash registers, typewriters, telephones, cell phones, remote controls and any other electronic equipments with keys. Keyskin keyboard protectors protect your equipment/Keyboard from damaging dust, spills, hair, staples and other contaminants. The Protectors are soft and flexible and fit the keyboard to preserve the feel. They are manufacturing keyskin for more than 5000 models which include all the latest Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft and Asus.
The company says that they can make protective covers for any equipment, which has got keys and can take turnkey jobs also for providing keyskin protectors on various operating panel and PLCs.

Manoj Khanna, MD, Compucover East said, “Send a copy  of your order to us alongwith your business card/address and our company will send you a  Mystery Gift as a token of your appreciation for your gesture.”

Compucover East was established in 1993 in collaboration with Compucover INC. USA to manufacture and market specialized Computer Accessories in India. Since then they have gone strength to strength. they are sole manufacturers of both “Keyskin branded Keyboard Protectors and Color Plus Branded Compatible Ink Cartridges” in India. Our core competency lies in two things – quality assurance and reasonable prices. We have more than 50 dealers in India, covering all the major cities in the country.

During lockdown, Compucover East has also diversified in  supplying Nargle products, including face masks, sanitiser, air purifier, anti bacterial wipe etc.

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