Comverse launches billing and customer management solution

DQC Bureau
New Update

New Delhi

June 3, 2008


Comverse announced availability of the Comverse ONE Billing and Active

Customer Management solution-a customer care and billing solution built around

a single data model and a single product catalog, allowing seamless support for

both multi-service and payment convergence all through one system. This approach

uniquely gives operators the ability to use one system to manage all subscribers

consistently, regardless of payment or service type, as well as accelerate the

launch of new offers and promotions.

The Comverse ONE approach can lower costs, accelerate time to revenue and

improve the customer experience. Since the end-to-end functionality is built

around one data model and one product catalog, integration points are removed,

reducing deployment time and cost. Comverse ONE can be deployed in a variety of

ways to meet unique operator needs. In addition to supporting pure-play prepaid,

pure-play postpaid or hybrid prepaid/postpaid, an operator can also deploy

Comverse ONE to support postpaid subscribers with real-time credit control; to

support prepaid subscribers with order management and customer care; or to

support any combination of prepaid, postpaid and hybrid accounts. Any deployment

mode can be efficiently evolved to add capabilities over time to meet phased

business transformations or changing business needs. Because all modules are

based on the same architecture, upgrades and evolution are swift and


“Convergent, real-time charging is vitally important to fully support and

monetize next-generation services, as well as to provide operators with the

flexibility for key differentiation through personalization, bundled offers and

multiple pricing models,” said Norbert Scholz, Research Director, Gartner.


Speaking about the new launch, Howard Woolf, President, Comverse Converged

Billing Group said, “We understand that operators need to simplify operations,

lower costs and decrease the complexity associated with use of disparate

systems. Comverse is in a unique position to address these business issues with

our customers.”

The solution is an evolution path for existing customers, and delivers

comprehensive BSS functionality from real-time rating, charging, promotions and

session control, through active customer management-including self-service and

order management-to billing and financials, mediation and content partner

settlements; all based on the same architecture.