Conduent Named Lokesh Prasad As The CEO For Asia Pacific Region

 Conduent Incorporated named Lokesh Prasad as the chief executive officer, Asia Pacific (APAC). Prasad will now oversee Conduent operations in the Philippines and Malaysia in addition to leading overall growth strategy in India.

Prasad joined Conduent in January 2017 and was appointed as the chief executive officer, Conduent India in March 2017. Under his leadership, Conduent had grown in the market, starting operations in three new locations – Pune, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

Conduent’s focus in the APAC region as a priority market involves harnessing the availability of skilled professionals focused on technology and research.

“APAC is a strategic growth region for Conduent and we are convinced about the potential that it offers. And, Lokesh’s new role will strengthen Conduent’s global service delivery model by improving focus on regions that have the right talent for the work,” said Ashok Vemuri, chief executive officer, Conduent. “Under his direction, Conduent Incorporated APAC will bring even greater expertise to develop innovative technologies that help us manage digital interactions for our clients.”

Conduent Incorporated India’s more than 12,000 employees are focused on streamlining business processes with technical solutions for human resources, outsourcing, litigation, transportation, workers’ compensation and more. Conduent India also plays a critical role in strengthening the company’s R&D and technology operating model.

Conduent’s operations in the Philippines include 8,500 employees, with an additional 700 in Malaysia. These employees are engaged in a range of activities, including finance and accounting services, human resource services, transaction processing, healthcare and customer experience services.

“The APAC region is a major delivery and technology hub for Conduent,” said Prasad. “I look forward to working with our very talented workforce and further improving Conduent’s innovation and operational excellence.

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