“Connection with Honeywell enriches the consumer experience”: Mohit Anand

Honeywell is a rich legacy brand, with a very long history in India. It entered the country in the year 1938, when the term MNC was probably nowhere in the picture

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Honeywell is a rich legacy brand, with a very long history in India. It entered the country in the year 1938, when the term MNC was probably nowhere in the picture. It is a company that has been invested in India for a very long time. Secure Connection had just started as a brand in India. Here, Mohit Anand, Co-founder and CEO, Secure Connection talks about roadmap ahead of FY 2017.


Can you highlight Honeywell’s tryst with Secure Connection as a sub-brand?

Basically, Secure Connections Pvt. Ltd is a legal entity. The sub-brand actually is Honeywell Connections. The business unit we have formed is Honeywell Connection and the legal entity which is running that business is Secure Connections Pvt. Ltd. So Secure Connections is the company running the legal entity, but the brand is Honeywell Connection.

Honeywell Connection aims to enhance and enrich the consumer experience, by surrounding four technical and dominating screens with a set of “Electronic Essentials” which are believed to be critical for these devices to function effectively.


What is Honeywell’s pan India expansion plan?

The aspiration for us is to put a Honeywell product in the pocket of every consumer in India. So that’s a huge aspiration and our audacious goal. But that’s the vision, the company has set and what we want to do over a period of time. We want to be able to deliver to every tech consumer in India and ensure that they have a Honeywell product in India.

What is Honeywell’s channel partner strategy?


For the Honeywell connection business, our channel partnership strategy is to be as widely distributed as possible. And, we are following a pretty mass scale distribution and channel strategy. We are encompassing online as well as offline, which means traditional retail formats of brick and mortar, as well as online e-commerce retail. Besides that within the traditional brick and mortar, we are looking at modern trade – large scale retail stores and organized retail, as well as general trade which is the traditional IT, mobile and electric stores. We are looking at various segments of retail presence where Honeywell Connection products can find the space and are fit for the channel partner and channel ecosystem. And therefore, we are strategically moving into each of these channels and segments to get our product distributed as widely as possible across the length and breadth of the country.

What is Honeywell’s product line-up that is in the offering?

We have currently launched 6 product categories and we will be launching few more. But our focus right now is on these 6 categories that are –

  • Honeywell Surge Protectors
  • Honeywell Audio Cables
  • Honeywell HDMI Cables
  • Honeywell Charge & Sync Cables
  • Honeywell Car Chargers
  • Honeywell Adaptors

Where does Honeywell foresee itself in the coming years of smart connectivity?

Well, Honeywell Connection foresees and aspires to be a key player in that ecosystem. We are here to be a leader in the categories we participate in. We want to be market share leaders, revenue leaders and deliver great quality products, with great reliability and robust performance so that consumers have a great and enhanced experience while using our product and betters their lifestyle. And to achieve that, we are putting in place systems to ensure that all of these promises that we are making to our consumers hold true. For example, even our Honeywell USB cables for android come with a 3-year door-step replacement warranty. Consumers can call up the Honeywell customer care and a courier will pick up the defective product and deliver a new product at their doorstep. That is the kind of reliability factor we want to offer to our consumers. We are making sure that we are a key player in the smart connectivity space. We are looking to surround these 4 screens (smartphone, television, PC and tablet screen) with great products and great technology.

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