Crayon Software Experts appointed as a Value Added Distributor for AWS Cloud in India

Crayon Software Experts has been authorised as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for AWS Cloud in India. It has been working with AWS Cloud to help customers.

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Vikas Bhonsle, Crayon Software
Crayon Software Experts has been authorised as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) in India. Crayon has been working with AWS Cloud to help customers purchase, manage and evolve their IT solutions by offering strategic advice, as well as managed consulting services. The relationship will help accelerate and grow Crayon's footprint in India, and also drive traction in key priorities areas, including building and facilitating AWS Cloud adoption in Tier 1 and Tier 2 enterprises across the country.

It will also focus on on-boarding hosting partners, value-added resellers (VARs), and local ISVs, and help drive coverage and scale in the mid-market space, predominantly comprising of small and medium businesses (SMBs).

It will also leverage AWS Cloud to offer a comprehensive range of Software Asset Management (SAM) and cloud licensing consulting solutions to customers. Crayon will support and assist customers by recommending the right solutions aligned to their business requirements.

Building on the relationship with AWS Cloud, Crayon also helps customers fully support and optimise their ROI on their software investments. Crayon is known for building flexible, scalable, reliable, and sophisticated applications in the cloud by creating an invaluable and bespoke blend of technology and training services for clients.

Crayon also provides add-on services, namely Crayon Cloud-iQ and support for AWS Cloud to ensure that customers completely leverage the benefits of the cloud.

  • Cloud-iQ

Safe, Secure, Protected and Agile!

Cloud-iQ, a smart and intelligent cloud solution, provides an unrivalled overview of cloud services, which can be customized and augmented to suit an organization's unique requirements. It helps to manage the cloud state and provides efficient workflow management.

The company ensures that organizations have more time to focus on their business and spares them from complex tasks. It designs and delivers unique routes to cloud customers by combining IP and services together with leading cloud technologies to create an ideal cloud topology.

  • AWS Cloud Support program

Helping customers throughout their cloud journey!

This program is meant to help customers in every way possible. Initially, Crayon helps and supports customers with setting up their AWS Cloud accounts, billing and payment. It offers initial onboarding and activation of AWS Cloud. The company also provides guidance on how to correctly activate AWS Cloud services and support for the administration of subscriptions within AWS Cloud.

"We expect this collaboration to continue and strengthen the results our clients require. Our collaboration with AWS Cloud for their services are adaptive to our clients' needs and brings distinctive value across diverse technology, providing effective, and adaptive solutions along with consultancy services and maintenance," said Vikas Bhonsle, CEO at Crayon Software Experts India.

Crayon also helps customers with subscription management, investment analysis, concept development, local workshops and managed services.

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