Creating Equal Opportunity

PROFILE: Kiran Dham, mother of two kids Nimish and Yash, spearheads the marketing activities of Globus Infocom pan India. Her past experience of teaching lured her to join Globus after a gap of 8 years, because the company’s product application caters to the field of education. “I felt that the time was right to join back and contribute to the organization (Globus) as well as to the society, by uplifting the level of education through our innovative, user-friendly and environment-friendly solutions,” says Kiran Dham, VP-marketing, Globus Infocom. After graduating in Botany from the Delhi University, she completed her MBA in marketing and HR from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. She also holds a Montessori teacher training degree from London University.

STRENGTH: Her passion for work is her biggest strength. Her positive attitude towards life drives her to take challenging tasks and perform to the best of her capabilities and knowledge. Dham strongly believes that the harder a challenge in ones life, the stronger one gets in terms of learning, growing, thinking, behavior and actions.

FAMILY: Hailing from a musical family, she considers her father, Tejpal Singh, a renowned Indian classical vocalist, as a continuous source of inspiration, who has a strong influence on her life. Her mother too holds a PhD in music and has served as principal in various Delhi schools. Her husband Ashish Dham, who is the MD of Globus Infocom, has been the most supportive and instrumental in her success. Kiran feels, women have the power of achieving anything, but it has to be clubbed with support from their husbands and in-laws.

WEAKNESS: Dham considers impatience as her biggest weakness. She is impulsive to learn everything on her own and get into finer details of everything, be it formulating marketing plan or planning product launches.

HOBBIES: Dham is a fitness freak, and keeps her body and mind healthy. She unwinds herself by listening music and singing. She has interest in reading and writing too. She enjoys to try her hands on cooking and loves to cook for her family.

GOALS: Dham wants to spread the message loud and clear that women can be the biggest contributors to the society and they should pursue their professional goals after marriage. One can achieve wonders, and gender doesn’t matter at all. Marching ahead, she wants to contribute to the society, she quips, “I have a dream to serve in an NGO for the upliftment of women and lend a helping hand in educating the needy children and providing them with the basic necessities.”

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