CredAble and Supertron frame an alliance to help small businesses

Supertron, the IT hardware and mobility distributors, and CredAble, a FinTech platform announced an alliance to help small businesses.

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CredAble and Supertron frame an alliance to help small businesses 1

Supertron, one of the IT hardware and mobility distributors in the country has announced a partnership with CredAble, an Indian FinTech platform providing working capital and supply chain finance solutions, to offer their innovative digital platform to all Business Partners of Supertron. This is an alliance to help small businesses.


In this partnership, CredAble and Supertron aim to bring forth groundbreaking financial solutions. These will be tailored to the needs of Supertron's business partners. These partners primarily consist of small businesses (SMEs and MSMEs), a sector that has historically been overlooked by conventional financial institutions.

Ram Kewalramani, the Co-founder and Managing Director of CredAble, expressed his thoughts about partnering with Supertron and extending the benefits of the platform to their business partners. He stated, “We strongly believe that access to flexible financing is essential for businesses to thrive, and we are proud to join forces with Supertron to support the growth and success of businesses across India. Through this partnership, we aim to provide a comprehensive suite of innovative financing solutions to help businesses unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.”

CredAble’s platform offers flexible, transparent financing solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. It also offers a range of features designed to help businesses digitalize their operations; aid in business decision-making to bolster growth, such as digital invoicing, payables management, receivables management, and a Tally connector.

Nirmal Kumar Meharia, Chief Financial Officer of Supertron, is equally delighted to partner with CredAble says, “We believe that CredAble’s range of financing options and features will be invaluable to our business partners, helping them manage their cash flow and optimize their operations for sustained growth. Our collaboration with CredAble reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses across India. We are confident that our partnership with CredAble will help our partners achieve their business goals, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

CredAble’s digital credit underwriting and financing platform provides a range of financing options and features. They are designed to help businesses manage their cash flow and optimize their operations.

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