CrowdStrike APAC Channel Partner Conference 2023

Phuket witnessed the CrowdStrike channel partner conference. A 3-day event, where CrowdStrike invited their APAC partners to JW Marriott.

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CrowdStrike APAC Channel Partner Conference 2023

Recently, Phuket witnessed the CrowdStrike channel partner conference. This event was a 3-day affair, where CrowdStrike invited their APAC partners to the prestigious JW Marriott. Global executives and APAC business leaders took part in this conference. 


CrowdStrike is a global cybersecurity technology company. It offers services encompassing cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, as well as cyberattack response capabilities.

This event had a glimpse of the channel partners of CrowdStrike from India. Some of the coveted channel partners conferred their views about the channel partner conference and threw some light on their alliance with CrowdStrike. And how they can get maximum values out of working with each other.

Mansi Saha, head of Macaws Infotech shared her views, “This is Mansi Saha from Macaws Infotech, Kolkata, India. I am at this partner conference of CrowdStrike. This is the first time that I am attending a CrowdStrike conference and I have been there for the last 25 years doing cyber security, network security, infrastructure security, and cloud security business. When I came here, I came up with the hope that my business focus would move from the legacy antivirus software to the new-generation antivirus software. Since Last year, we’ve been with CrowdStrike and we did a good number of transformations from the legacy antivirus to the new generation antivirus and it's about to acquire 15 to 16 customers for CrowdStrike. Now here is what I have got, it's not only about the endpoint, we are focusing on cloud security they are into identity management which will be adding a topping to the cake for me. I am looking forward to growing with CrowdStrike.”


Ashok Prabhu, Chief executive of sales, ValuePoint Systems Pvt. Ltd., described their partnership with CrowdStrike, “We are now part of a large conglomerate called Noventic and we are glad to be part of them and we are in the fast track mode to elevate our business on the global level with Noventic. And coming back to the conference, it's been great to be here, I think it's the first after many years and it's great to meet all the executives from CrowdStrike. I've been one of the oldest partners for CrowdStrike way back in 2018 and I started selling CrowdStrike and it brought innovation in the endpoint security, right? Ever since then, it has been an exhilarating drive for us in India and we have grown our business multifold and it's a multi-million dollar business for us at ValuePoint Systems here.

He added, "The platform that CrowdStrike has built gives an ample opportunity for partners like us to scale by leveraging newer innovation, whether it's got to do with the endpoint, with identity, we talk about the modern technology solutions like XDR, we are pretty excited and I think it's a great opportunity for us to build customers, build a service platform with them and offer customers the required the outcome in terms of giving real protection. As the tagline of CrowdStrike says, we stop breaches which has immensely contributed to our customers back in India in terms of building a stronger defense and we now look forward to working with CrowdStrike in their new ecosystem of adding on more solutions and towards their XDR journey.”

Rajesh, CEO, of Inflow Technologies, shared his thoughts on this conference, “I'm happy to be here at the CrowdStrike conference, the first APAC conference. We have been a partner to CrowdStrike for over five years and we have seen this business grow and more importantly the number of customers that we are kind of stopping the breaches for. I am glad that there are 6,000 odd customers in APAC for CrowdStrike and we have a lot more in India. And as rightly said by Geoff in his presentation, this event is all about unity. We are here to kind of jointly help customers stop breaches and help them to kind of protect themselves from threat factors and see how can we take them in their digital journey. I'm happy to be here and we have a lot more to do as partners and look forward to a great year ahead."

To sum up, the CrowdStrike channel partner conference provided a platform for the partners to voice their opinions.

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