Cyberoam enters East in education vertical

DQC Bureau
New Update


July 10, 2008


A division of Elitecore Technologies, Ahmedabad-based Cyberoam has been

focusing on the eastern zone recently, tapping major institutes within its

national peripheral. Major clients in the east include BIT Mishra, Ranchi and

Kolkata; National Institute of Technology, Rourkela; Vishwa Bharati University

and Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Commenting on the nature of security threats, Tushar Sighat, VP-Operations,

Cyberoam said, “While the Internet facilitates speedy communication and easy

access to informational resources for students, it can also be the conduit for a

variety of malevolent attacks on the networks of educational institutions

through intentional or unintentional access to inappropriate resources breaching

network privileges.”

With the deployment of CR 100i and CR 250i UTM, the network prevents the

students from accessing inappropriate content, e-mails or chat rooms by blocking

or filtering web access based on work profiles. By identifying the users within

the network, even in Wi-Fi and DHCP scenarios, it allows administrators to zip

on harmful activity within the network. In addition, the UTM can instantly

identify internal users indulging in activity that is harmful to fellow students

like cyber bullying or anything that may compromise the institution's network.


“In the multiple user single machine situation faced by educational

institutions and libraries where multiple students and faculty access the

Internet over shared machines, Cyberoam identifies student activity by the user

name instantly, enabling institutions to easily monitor online activities, which

is not possible with IP address-based solutions,” Sighat added.

Moreover, UTM provides continuous monitoring through centralized management

to build a pattern of usage and adjust network access policies accordingly to

offer long-term safe Internet practices.

Commanding a marketshare of about 25 percent nationally, Cyberoam is now

looking for maximum presence in India particularly in the education vertical.

The company has already received UTM Level 5 certification from Checkmark and

has appointed Redington as its national distributor. Focusing primarily on

partner programs currently, Cyberoam has allotted Techniche Consultants, NCS,

Eastern Comnet and Sea Infotech as its partner in the East to maximize its