Cyberoam launches open source solution

DQC Bureau
New Update

Cyberoam-iView, an open source logging and reporting solution was launched by

Cyberoam. iView is Cyberoam's contribution to the open source community.


Free to download from, Cyberoam-iView delivers centralized

identity-based logging and reporting of multiple devices across geographical

locations, enabling organizations to meet their security management and

regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, organizations receive the

benefit of flexibility and speed of development which the open source community

brings to them, allowing them to gain visibility into the entire network

activity without having to make large capital outlays.

Abhilash Sonwane, VP-Product Management, Cyberoam said, “With the rise in

insider threats and the consequent rise in security breaches and regulatory

compliance requirements, we saw a broader need for user-centric reporting beyond

Cyberoam's own UTM security.”

The development community and organizations are free to download

Cyberoam-iView from Available as open source, the solution has

a ready list of projects which would help organizations, particularly small and

medium enterprises in bringing logging-reporting over multiple devices and

locations over a single, consolidated, centralized interface, helping them meet

the requirements of regulatory compliance.