Cyviz enters India to Change the AV Tech - Anand Anupam, CCO, Cyviz

Global technology firm, Cyviz has continued its expansion and strengthened its global reach with a new Experience Centre located in Gurugram.

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CYVIZ enters India to Change the AV Tech Anand Anupam CCO CYVIZ

Recently, Global technology firm, Cyviz has continued its expansion and further strengthened its global reach with a new Experience Centre located in Gurugram.


The new facility represents a commitment by Cyviz to continue to support organizations across the region and provides a new go-to destination for the demonstration of its next-level collaboration solutions.

CYVIZ is a global technology provider that offers dynamic control rooms, high-value meeting rooms, and innovation and experience centers. It enables the digital workforce to connect, visualize, and collaborate on projects, content, and critical data across an ultra-wide digital landscape of video walls with multiple, concurrent, and resizable input sources. With its advanced technology, Cyviz empowers businesses to work efficiently and effectively in a digital environment.

Delivering the keynote address at the opening for Cyviz was Anand Anupam, Chief Commercial Officer. who said “The new CEC in India is a real statement of intent from Cyviz and will act as a catalyst for business growth across the region. Defense organizations and Enterprises alike will be able to benefit from over 25 years of experience delivering collaboration excellence and world-class solutions that are helping to drive the digital revolution.”


At the inaugural event, Anand Anupam, CCO, Cyviz shared about the origin of Cyviz and how it is going to take the Indian market by storm exclusively with DQ Channels. They have been working with the end customers and are now looking forward to expanding through the channel partner ecosystem. Here are the excerpts from the conversation.

What is the history of CYVIZ? How did it start? And what does it deal with?

Cyviz is a publicly listed Norwegian company, publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We have completed Twenty-five years now. We started in 1998 out of a place called Stavanger in Norway, which is the oil capital of Norway.


All the oil companies are there. We started building solutions which are high-performance visualization solutions for oil and gas companies, which are primarily built around geologists and geophysicists looking at seismic data to find the next oil well or where to put it in the world well. That was the origin of the company 25 years back. From there, we, of course, built in our products and solutions, our products and solutions in the video processing control space where we now started working with large government and defense organizations.

We work with, of course, oil and gas companies across the world, but also large enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, more than 35 of them use the service globally today. All of them are standardized on the service technology built on our proprietary software platform. Today, we do an end-to-end solution for our customers, built on our software platform with hardware solutions on top for command and control spaces, meeting rooms, boardrooms, experience centers, and so on.

Elaborate on your offering in India, for instance, how the launch of the Experience Center will enhance its offering?


As a company, we have 20 experience centers across the globe in multiple cities. We did not have one in India yet. However, we did have a lot of customers in India. We started servicing India as a market about six years back with our first customer in. These are our global customers who want the same experience in their Indian offices. We have been doing that for a few years now.

This new experience center is our commitment to the market, and to the growth that we see here, and want to bring our technology to not only our existing customers but all the other prospects and customers that we have in this region. The idea is for our prospects customers and partners to look understand and play around with our technology in this space, which is the Experience Center. You walk in, look at what Cyviz can offer to you, and then potentially decide to either purchase or go send them or something like that. That's the experience in India.

What's your go-to-market strategy in India?


We work directly with our end customers. Some of our global customers would want to do business directly with us. However, we very heavily worked with our partners in India to bring in both the localization but also on-ground support for our customers, installation services, and whatnot. It's a mix of direct for our global customers and a partner program for the other customers that we want to reach out to.

What strategies and partnerships does your company have in place to ensure long-term growth in the Indian audio and visual sector?

We are not necessarily an AV company. We do see this trend of companies moving from AV to IT and we are one of the ones who lead that trend. We would look at ourselves more as a technology provider than a pure AV player. That's number one. The second part is with everything that's happening globally and definitely in India as well, with hybrid working coming in, digital interactions and experiences becoming more and more popular, artificial intelligence coming in, and so forth, things are changing a lot.

The way people interact, the way people collaborate is changing very fast and we lead that change for our customers as well. The idea is to bring those technologies to our customers in India. We see substantial growth in India as an economy, but also for us, it is one of the most strategic and fastest-growing regions in the world. We have set up our shop here in New Delhi now. We also have our team sitting out of Bangalore in India. The idea is to continue to expand that footprint.

It's not only a sales and marketing setup. We also do R&D based out of Bangalore, which contributes to the global innovation that we do. We have an operations team, a support team sitting out of the region, engineering sitting out of India. India is not only a market for our goods products and solutions, but also a contributor to the innovation for the company globally.

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