D-Link unveiled D-Link DES-8500

D-Link announced the introduction of D-Link DES-8500 series of chassis based
switches. Based on intelligent and high-performance multi-layered LAN devices
design, these switches are considered ideal for enterprises and metropolitan
area networks (MANs).

D-Link DES-8500 series is a new-generation large-capacity and high
performance core routing switch series. Featuring a flexible modular
architecture and industry standard compliance, these switches provide scalable
expansion and a high level of investment protection for businesses and telecom
carriers to deploy Gigabit and 10-Gigabit packet switching and routing for
office networking and Ethernet-based Internet services.

Elaborating on its unique features Jayesh Kotak, VP-Product Marketing, D-Link
(India), said, "D-Link DES-8500 series of chassis-based switch provides
market-leading services, performance, port densities and is available with
investment protection for both enterprise and service provider markets. Further
its comprehensive network security feature takes care of all kinds of
sophisticated attacks from both internal and external elements to assure
complete Protection of investment for the customer."

DES-8500 series is ideal for deployment in environments where minimal
downtime of network applications, superior performance, security and control is

Key features of DES-8500 series
  • Support IPv6 , NAT, 802.1X services
  • Dual switch fabric
  • Superior performance with maximum
    switching capacity upto 1536Gbps
  • Bottleneck-free distributed pocket
  • Up to two redundant backup power supplies
  • Hot-swappable control module and line
  • VRRP support
  • Granular bandwidth control down to 64Kbits
    for Ingress and Egress traffic
  • Integrated routing (IBGPv4, MPBGP,
    OSPFv2/3, RIPv1/2/ng)
  • Multicast (PIM-SM, DVMRPv2/3, IGMPv1/2)
  • Versatile and secured management

Raj Jadhav, VP-Solution Consulting, Tech Support and IT, added "DES-8500
series is equipped with high-speed switch fabrics, redundant backup and load
sharing capability and advanced software function including complete IPv6
support. Hence DES-8500 series provides the performance, high availability and
future-proof architecture suitable for applications of not just today but well
into the future." DES-8500 series is available in three models; viz, DES-8503
3-slot chassis with 2 open slots, DES-8506 6-slot chassis with 4 open slots, and
DES-8510 10-slot chassis with 8 open slots.

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