Dal Lake goes Wi-Fi, courtesy Dax

DQC Bureau
New Update

Dax Networks has Wi-Fi enabled the country's premier lake 'The Dal' located in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the first such instance in the world when a lake has been converted into a HotSpot. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed CM of Kashmir will launch this facility on November 1, 2003. 


Conceived by Dax Networks, this project was implemented in partnership with the Department of Tourism, J&K and iPeaks, an ISP of the state. 

Sujit Singh, Country Manager, Dax Networks says,” Though many parts of the country are enjoying benefits of the latest networking technologies, numerous pockets are still completely untouched by this phenomenon. Kashmir was definitely one of them. Therefore what better place to take the first step than making the pride of Kashmir 'The Dal' Wi Fi enabled.” Close on the heels of a mobile service launch, this development will ensure that Kashmiris, at large, are not denied of what the rest of the country has access to. 

People and tourists alike can access Internet while staying in house boats as well as while moving on the Shikara Boats. The only thing they will require is a Computer/laptop, which is Wi-Fi compatible. Though the project is not aimed at substantial commercial gains, it is expected to make a strong statement among tourists groups across the world. 


Dax Networks intends to replicate this model in other parts of the country. In this regard, it is open to work with Department of Tourism of respective states. In fact, it has already identified three more lakes for similar projects. Over a period of time, Dax foresees this unique segment developing into a lucrative niche. 

Important to inform you that we have recently constituted a Wi Fi-dedicated division at Dax. One of the mandates of this division will be to focus on “Project Kashmir” like initiatives. Over a period of time, the team at Dax will aggressively educate corporates, government and other bodies at large on the advantages of Wi Fi. Dax has also created an India-ready product portfolio to present the market with the most suitable choice range.