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Set up as early as 1905 Eveready is a reputed enterprise in the Indian

subcontinent which primarily deals in manufacture and marketing of batteries.

The company is also involved in manufacturing other products such as flashlight

cases, electrolytic manganese dioxide, arc carbons, photo-engravers plates and

strips for printing, castings, hard facing and tube rods, carbon electrodes. The

company had implemented an ERP solution as early as 2005 and had a set-up of

Dell and EMC servers in its initial phase. It has now decided to acquire a

concrete data storage solution, with maximum data privacy.


“Business is expanding rapidly and performance issues regarding data storage

utility and diffusion were cropping up regularly, which was deterring

performance. We needed a data solution where we could ensure that data flow is

not interrupted and downtime could be minimized,” said Arup Choudhury, Senior

GM-IT Department, Eveready.

To address this problem, the company decided to invest in an effective data

solution. Eveready solicited with HP on data storage issues and the latter was

quick enough to ensure they gave the company, a sustainable plan, ensuring

product application and systems migration with the minimum hazards.

Need for Solution

“In terms of technology, servers of different vendors yield more or less the

same results. However, what differentiates

it is the solution and the migration part. We selected HP besides evaluating
Dell and IBM primarily because of its ability to virtualise the environemnt

while on the fly,” Choudhury added.


Commenting over HP's Proliant and EVA 440 servers, Prakash Krishnamoorthy,

Country Manager, Storage Works, HP, said, “EVA 440 servers, which were deployed

in Eveready recently is capable of virualising an environment while working in

the background. One can have a backup while the system is running and hence,

there is no need of having a downtime when a backup action or scan needs to be


In the deployment, HP claimed it has not faced any major challenges.

Commenting over the same, Krishnamoorthy emphasised, “We have been with Eveready

for quite sometime and the company has a mature IT plan. Since, the IT structure

is developed enough in the company, there has not been any major issues in the



The solution

Eveready has a centralised data center structure system based in Kolkata

which caters to the company's 34 warehouses, 10 manufacturing units and 15 sales
branches spread across India. While on the go, HP in the first place clearly

surveyed the client requirements and studied the present one and thereafter came

up with the solution.

Offering the solution, Krishnamoorthy illustrated, “Eveready needed a

solution where they could ensure that their data could grow and can be managed

at an ease. With the company already in ERP zone with Oracle and AMD backbone,

it was easy to ensure that the present data migrates fully without getting

corrupted and consolidation of data clusters in the servers can take place


Satisfied with the solution offered and the efficacy HP put up in the

process, Choudhury is keen on working with HP again if and when required.

However he said, “In the present scenario, after the data storage solution, the

company is not keen on having another major IT deployment”.


Bright future ahead

HP has claimed that in its deployment process, altough unplanned downtime

factors was there, there has not been a single point of failure as the Proliant
and EVA 440 servers are supposed to be superior in design and technology.

Besides implementing the ERP and storage solutions, Eveready has a well knit and

structured plan where hybrid networking platforms based on UTMs are in place

with PoP and USB intranet chords. Also, the company has a security solution from

CISCO in place.

“Presently, we are having a supply chain project on the current hardware

infrastructure and would like to consider HP for future referral. Next year, in

February we will be revising our existing hardware plan and is needs arise, we

would like to consider HP”, Choudhury concluded.

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