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DataBoostr partners with Talicomm Global for the second time

Talicomm Global intends to now launch another product – “Cofomo” which is targeted at online monetization of newspapers and high traffic websites. Talicomm Global Pte Ltd and DataBoostr Pty Ltd today announced the formation of a strategic relationship to work together and create cutting-edge mobile and online marketing solutions for the Indian market. This initiative will facilitate the integration of TGPL’s in-app and in-browser marketing solutions with DataBoostr’s big data and analytics capabilities.
Welcoming this development, TGPL’s CEO Ananda Rao said, “Partnering with DataBoostr will address a critical component in our solution set of Big Data & Analytics. This capability will provide us with very valuable targeting capabilities that underpin the success of today’s Mobile and Online Digital Marketing practices. We have already set our sights on achieving our first target within the first year of our Indian operations. Our projects are very large and the scalable capabilities offered by DataBoostr will enable us to quickly dominate this space in various markets we operate in”.
At the announcement, DataBoostr’s Chairman John Welsh noted, “India has a huge market for digital advertising and monetization. We believe that we, along with TGPL, have the capabilities of disrupting this market and are aiming at 10% of market share within the first 12 months of our operations here. Being able to work with the TGPL team is an exciting opportunity for DataBoostr. With their established offices throughout Asia, TGPL is a best practice low-cost producer of communication-enabled business processes and related services that unify advanced telecommunications with advanced mobile and browser applications. We believe we can help ensure all TGPL prospect/customer interactions are engaging, compelling, and fulfilling, which ultimately result in high levels of customer satisfaction.”
By integrating DataBoostr’s big data and analytics into its offerings, TGPL will be able to offer large telecom carriers and media companies an opportunity to deliver highly targeted content to its consumers. TGPL has already announced a strategic partnership with BSNL and has launched its Infomo Ecosystem for mobile monetization in India. DataBoostr working within Infomo will enable BSNL to target and deliver permission-based content to its millions of mobile customers. On similar lines, TGPL is releasing its Cofomo Ecosystem for online monetization focussed on the newspaper industry. DataBoostr working within the Cofomo environment will provide online newspaper publishers with an alternative to the programmatic process to monetize the online traffic.
At the just concluded Indian Mobile Congress Convention in New Delhi, TGPL has successfully launched its Infomo ecosystem into India through the MyBSNL mobile application. Through this telecom carrier relationship, TGPL has an opportunity to enable its telecom carrier partner with an innovative mobile marketing solution to reach out to 113 million data customers spread across India except for New Delhi and Mumbai and has a ready consumer market segment made up of over 35 million customers with smartphones. Within 48 hours of launching the new MyBSNL mobile application, over 400,000 existing customers of BSNL had either upgraded or downloaded the new MyBSNL application.
Beyond this telecom carrier relationship, TGPL is seeking to address two other connected community vertical segments, the taxi industry and the payment industry with its Infomo Ecosystem.
The Cofomo Ecosystem provides an innovative alternative to the online newspaper market segment. TGPL has already secured pilot projects with one online national newspaper group that has 50 million unique visitors a month. This segment has a potential of over 400 million online consumers.
Infomo and Cofomo ecosystems are designed to work outside the programmatic digital marketing processes traditionally used within the digital marketing industry.

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