Deepak Kabu – CEO Ziox Mobiles

Deepak Kabu: Ziox Mobiles is a Channel Friendly Company

Ziox Mobiles, the part of Sun Airvoice Pvt. Ltd., in its four year journey has come across as one of the rapidly growing brands in the mobile phone industry.

Further, in a discussion with DQ Channels, Deepak Kabu, CEO, Ziox Mobiles talks about the company’s channel strategy, recent developments and future plans.

  1. What is your Go-To-Market strategy?

To achieve a firm foothold in the today’s challenging and competitive market of India, one may not need to be different but Think/act differently. And keeping that in mind, we differentiate ourselves by delivering superior quality technology at potent prices. With a total investment of 100cr, our go to market strategy is chiefly to focus on retail visibility and connecting with the consumer through BTL Activities and social media. So as to make our brand reach the consumers across Pan India, a 360-degree marketing campaign is what our element of go to market strategy is.

  1. What are the recent developments in Ziox?

The biggest highlight at the moment for us is Ziox completing 4 successful years in the Mobile Industry. Right from our new products, to channel partner engagements, to event participation – we are overwhelmed with the response by the consumers. We have been ranked as one of the fastest growing brands in India and we are happy to have tapped most Markets at Pan India level. In the industry where most Brands come with a huge bang and then fizzle off; lying low, Ziox as a brand has craved the niche for itself.

Today, we proudly dominate the markets at Pan India level. We are currently selling around 3-4 lakh handsets monthly. Engaging in right partnerships launches in sync with consumer needs, prices suited to every pocket; Ziox has established itself for the Quality that speaks. We are currently working on 4G Feature phones and also going to launch some new technology in smartphones, aiming for a major advancement and establish Ziox as the 4G digital enabler through our array of 4G smartphones.

  1. What is your channel strategy?

Ziox is a channel-friendly company and we believe in growing with the channel partners. With our product and market expertise, we provide a platform for our network to improve and grow in terms of revenue and reach. With strong relations with our channel partners, we are able to provide useful first-hand information on the price fluctuations and help them prepare to seize market opportunities.

  1. What is your existing channel partner program?

Ziox is a very channel-friendly company & The year 2018 has allowed us to spread our trustworthy tentacles across markets in India. We have connected to the user through a variety of channels, using a range of marketing intermediaries.

We already have 750+ distributors on board with us in all tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Now the emphasis is to increase our distribution strength and for that, we are focussing on far-flung areas with right price-good features package so that people in semi-urban and rural areas can avail maximum benefits.

  1. Which companies do you consider as your competition in the Indian market?

All, until now you must have got a fair idea of what are the hurdles, a brand faces being in Indian Mobile market. However, we emphasize more on enhanced technology and superior quality by which we gain our customers’ loyalty. Another parameter on which a Ziox device will be cherry-picked is its user-friendly interface. In a market flooded with devices which are neither quality assured nor easy to use, we are sure that consumers will make the right choice in going for a Ziox device. Our offerings make us special. Well in terms of competition we have iTel, Spice, Intex, lava.

  1. Have you come across weak points or what challenges you face in the market?

As so many telecom companies are coming whether it is Indian or Chines, who are giving good products with strong pricing. Main challenge Is to compete with all such brands.

  1. What are the company’s future plans?

We believe in enhancing our products, services and the overall Customer experience in a way that is beneficial to our associates. We not only provide the best quality at the best price but also provide one of the best customer service support to customers and to the channel.

In 2018, we are coming up with new product range in both Sp and FP, which will be having high specs with ppocket-friendlypricing.


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